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    I dont understand someone who has been sober for more than 5 years would make that "choice" to relapse. Im sure they had cravings and faced triggers for years. But then cracked and relapsed. If you have that feeling welling up inside, go to get help before you do it. I dont get it
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    It's because they think they can handle drugs and use them without getting addicted the second time around. They learned from their previous experience. But, the truth is that they cannot handle drugs at all. There is no safe way to use without getting addicted all over again.
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    I have been told the same as any disease. If you lost 100 pounds and kept it off, then 5 yrs later, start eating that donut everyday and slack on your exercise, maybe 50 comes back on. Well you ONLY had a donut.

    I know it's not the same, but a disease is a disease. I don't get it either, but they are considered having a ' broken brain'.
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    But if i did eat that, that was a choice. I know whats gonna happen if i eat it. Just like they know they can spiral down so why do it anyway.
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    Well. I gained 55 pounds up from 127 pounds. (I have lost maybe half. It has taken 3 years to lose half.)

    Now you would think that I would be very, very careful to watch what I eat knowing how hard it is to lose. And for the most part, I am.
    But come that day when I kick my son out...and feel my own life no longer matters. Well? Forget it. I feel like I don't deserve anything. That nothing is "worth it." And do you think in that mood I feel like denying myself? Or do you think I feel I am "worth" self-discipline, or taking that walk?
    I know what's gonna happen. As sure as day. I want to lose the other 27 pounds. I feel my life depends on it. (It may.) But you know what?

    I could give a sh--t. In those moments. But I recover. I backslide. I find myself again. And back to the drawing board.

    Excuse me. I am going for that walk.
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    For the rest of your life you crave the drug and it is worse if you are around it, like quitting cigarettes. You must be very careful not to be around somebody who uses those substances if you are addicted to anything. Often it is just being around them and associating with those who use that causes a relapse.

    A sober alcoholic I once dated told me he still has trouble when in bars or at parties and has to be very mindful of himself. One sip, which happened once to him, and all his sober years crashed and burned. It is a lifelong thing you must monitor, but many people do it. This man had not been in a bar or at a drinking party for ten years. Its what he had to do.
  7. RN0441

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    I think the big problem here with a lot of these Difficult Child ren is they are very young and immature and being so, think they are indestructible.

    I remember being like that and I think I was always pretty sensible. I was not so bad in my 20's but my teens were pretty reckless.

    I find it so hard to understand how my son thinks but if I try real hard I can kind of remember that feeling too. Not realizing how precious life is and taking everything for granted.

    I know that a lot of young adults at this age are doing a lot with their life like our older two sons so this is meant for those that are stuck.
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    It's not ment for you to understand . They probably don't understand how it happens either. Sometimes people with the disease of drug or any type of addiction can put themselves in a bad situation and end up relapsing. If they don't get a handle on it and quit right away then they get stuck in the cycle the were in when they were using before. I hope for their sake they can pull it together before it becomes a daily thing. The best thing you can do is be supportive but not susceptible for allowing them to take advantage of your acceptance have what is happen. Believe me when I tell- you they struggle and even though they have that many years clean the addiction is there just as strong as it was if not stronger and it makes it that much harder. And the fact they just give up 5 years of sobriety makes it even harder for them

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    I asked my daughter about that one day. She told me that after she was sober for a while she would get to the point where she thought she could handle "just one." After drinking just one, the next time she would think she could handle two . . . and then three. I told her that I didn't understand why she would think that after she had relapsed time and time again. Her answer was, "that's because you don't think like an addict, mom."

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