Relief from hot flashes?

Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by graceupongrace, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. graceupongrace

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    Hi, everyone! It's been a bad week for hot flashes. I spend all this time blow-drying my hair, and then have a big hot flash, get all sweaty, and my hair frizzes out.:faint:

    This definitely isn't debilitating, just annoying. Does anyone have suggestions for minimizing the effects?
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    No great suggestions but wanted to send understanding hugs your way. I went through a very early menopause when I was 20 (didn't know what it was til I was 21) and had severe hot flashes (in the dorm room). I've been on HRT for 24 years and it has taken care of them but I do believe there are other alternatives for you than taking hrt. (I have to take it due to my age when I started menopause.) I'm sure someone will have good ideas on what can help.
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    Just want to send sympathy! I was having hot flashes about once an hour when I went into menopause (in 2001) and have been on HRT medications since then. Yeah, yeah, I know all the bad news about them but I was exhausted, depressed, etc. I still get some hot flashes at night even on the medications but I feel so much better than I did. Good luck!!!!
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    My sympathy as well. I have a little battery operated fan in the bathroom. I turn it on and point it toward my face when blow drying my hair. When my flashes are bad, I also drink ice water. These two things together, either stop them from starting in the first place, or keep them minimal and brief. Wishing you well...I'm going to check out that link myself!
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    Thanks for the tips and support, ladies!

    JoG, thanks for the website info. I checked out the advice and you know, I could give up the red wine and even chocolate, but give up spicy food? Not gonna happen! LOL!:tongue: