Remedies for doggie bad breath

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. ML

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    Both of our canine seniors have horrible breath. I imagine it's a symptom of age. Are there any treatments I could try here at home?
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    Do you brush their teeth? I don't either because mine would never sit still for it but a lot of people do. Really though, if the bad breath is caused by diseased teeth or gums or tartar buildup, nothing you can do at home is going to make any difference - they need to go to the vet. Besides being extremely painful, dental infections can spread all over their body, just like with people. Dental exams and cleanings are not cheap but they really need them when they get to a certain age. My Ragan had really bad breath even though, at age 8, her teeth still looked white and clean with no visible tartar buildup. And the lymph glands in her neck were swollen too. They had to do pre-op bloodwork because of her age and they have to be sedated, which can be risky with Bostons. And even though her teeth looked good, they found a raging infection between her gums and the root of a back molar. They cleaned out the infection, gave her teeth a general cleaning, and pulled one crooked tooth that was rubbing on another one, then gave her big doses of antibiotics. Besides being very painful for the dog, untreated dental problems and infections can greatly shorten their life.
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    Well if you DO brush teeth? there is doggy tooth paste.......DO NOT USE HUMAN TOOTH PASTE - it can kill them.

    If you do use baking soda - just a tiny bit - but you can probably GET bit..... - I can floss Caspers teeth - HE loves it. But I've been doing it since he was a baby - and more than likely ? It's tartar build up.

    DENTA sticks - and GREENIES......would be a quick start - and they DO sell (believe it or not) Doggie mints. Try Petsmart. And I think they have breath spray (for the interim) but I would venture to say they probably need a milk bone or something that scrapes the tartar off the teeth.

    I really have to go with Donna on this one though - sounds like someone is due for or OVERDUE for an exam and cleaning.
  4. ML

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    I think I'll try the tooth brusing.. and will pick up some doggy tooth paste. Thanks ladies!
  5. Star*

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    I have no doubts you'll be a whiz at it 1L .........but I'd pay to see it on You Tube.......
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    Toothbrushing is preventative... in our experience, once you get to bad breath, its vet time.

    We've never managed to get our doggies to accept toothbrushing. But the latest crew LOVES all-cotton rope chews... yes, they chew them to bits, but the strands go between their teeth, and they can really dig their teeth in (safely)... and these doggies have the sweetest breath we've ever had from a doggie. But even that doesn't mean that they won't develop a problem...

    But if you DO succeed... or especially if you don't <wink>, a video would be "interesting"...!