Remember Beady Buddies?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Mar 8, 2011.

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    I don't know if any of you remember beady buddies. They were keychains in the shape of animals made out of pony beads. Wiz made hundreds of them - and we spent literally hundreds on those beads and the cord and key rings. But it made him happy and kept him busy, lol!

    Someone on Etsy took them to a whole new place. For just $25 you can buy a Hello Kitty bikini made out of pony beads. So many comments spring to mind, Know what I mean??

    First off, very creative use of skill and pony beads. Second, a pony bead bikini - sure doesn't sound like something comfortable to wear, at least not with my sensory quirks! Third - what were they smoking when they dreamed up this and then actually created it???

    Fourth - I can just SEE some kid or guy doing something to "accidentally" make this fall apart. Beads everywhere, one young female screaming and mortified, guys all goggling for a flash of skin during the wardrobe malfunction!! Even if no one did anything to it, those things came untied over and over, and then you had beads everywhere!

    It is cute, sort of, in an I-wouldn't-wear-that-on-a-dare way, but is it an Etsy or should it be a Regretsy?
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    The photo in there doesn't leave much to the imagination, either. Yikes.
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    OK...I think it's funny. And if I was about a hundred pounds lighter, I would actually wear it and embarrass Miss KT to the ends of the earth.
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    Actually... Don't lose any weight!!! Embarrass her more!!!

    Can't see the picture from work, but the thought is just amazing...

    And Onyxx was making Beady Buddies just a couple of years ago!
  5. Shari

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