Remember my sore hands and fingers

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    All of you who guessed arthritis were right. The sports medicine doctor did an ultrasound of my hands today and found quite a few spots of arthritis. He asked if my mom has arthritis in her hands and I said she did. He said mine will probably get worse. Right now it can just be treated with ibuprofen and he said if I get pain in a joint for several weeks he can do an injection.

    At least I know it wasn't all in my head.
  2. buddy

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    glad you got answers. I hope you can manage it for a while without the shots or stronger medications.
  3. Nomad

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    Glad you found answers, but am sorry to read of the arthritis Sharon.
    Glad that you can take ibuprofen. Please try getting plenty of rest and relaxation. I'm a big believer in the mind-body connection and how keeping our body in a healthy state can help out with various conditions. I also like natural products. husband and I have good luck with Glucosamine for various aches...might be of some benefit.

    I have big problems with migraines and take a low dosage of daily medication for them. But along with that, I also take various vitamins, etc. and have found them to be of great value.

    Found it VERY curious that on my screen, right above your most about sore hands and fingers and your mention of arthritis is a large advertisement for ClinLife ARthritis Trials. I'm wondering if this is some sort of robo screening advertisement situation? IT is a bit creepy.
  4. Hound dog

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    A nice warm soak will also help the pain. Then later down the road is the warm wax therapy. I've have patients rave about it, seems to work exceptionally well on hands and feet.
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    I am sorry you have the pain, but there are a lot of good treatments for arthritis. I know you like this doctor, but you should also have an evaluation by a rheumatologist. There are a LOT of things that arthritis can do, and joint pain is just one of them. Getting an evaluation now, before it is bad, gives you a very good chance of keeping it from becoming bad far longer than you might otherwise have. If it is in your hands to the point that they can see it on the ultrasound, it may also be affecting your other joints.

    A good rheumatologist will do a thorough exam and discuss treatment plans that include DMARDs. Those are Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatic Drugs. These medications are specifically used to keep arthritis from getting worse. My mother has had incredible results from Arava. She had a pretty severe and deforming case of ulnar drift, where her fingers came out from the knuckle at an angle from the hand, not straight out the way a normal hand does. It was painful, to say the least, and she couldn't do a LOT of things. She tried other DMARDs, but none helped the way this one did. After a few months her hands were not hugely swollen in the knuckles and her fingers were at a much more normal angle.

    One class of medications that are popularly rx'd as DMARDS are the biologics, medications like enbrel, remicade, humira, etc..... I would urge you to run from any doctor who wants to start you on those medications with-o trying the other dmards first. Why? These medications have HUGE side effect profiles and can actually cause some serious problems that don't go away when you stop the medication. I know four people who developed lupus after using one of them - and it is a listed "side effect" of the medication. They don't all cause lupus, and if nothing else works then they are worth a try. But other medications should be tried first. I will say that an old friend's dad almost lost his job with the sheriff's dept (he is there mechanic but has to be a deputy to hold the job) until they tried Enbrel. But he had tried every other option first before those medications.

    If you google DMARDs you will get a LOT of info on them. Using them NOW, before the pain is constant or severe, means that you have a far better chance of preserving a lot of years with minimal pain - pain free years you will NOT have if you don't do something to slow/halt the progression of the arthritis.

    So get an appointment with a good rheumy, please!

    I am glad the pain went away - it is a good sign that you have a chance to really slow the progression!
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    Buddy-Thanks for the good thoughts. I too am hopeful I can't make it with just the ibuprofen. I think I will be able to as he said right now it is just beginning.

    Nomad-I also believe that a body-mind connection is important. My sister told me today that cinnamon is also supposed to be helpful.

    Lisa-A warm soak sounds like a good idea!

    Susie-Thanks for all of the good information. Wish I had known this a few weeks ago because I just met with one for my Osteopenia. I'll make another appointment with him.
  7. susiestar

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    I am glad you have one and won't have to wait for the referral and new patient appointment. You probably have time, as mostly it isn't a super fast progressing disease. The problems arise when you don't know that there are medications to make the progression slower or you don't get the diagnosis early. It is a LOT harder to control once it gets past a certain point and you are in constant pain from it.

    Remember that range of motion exercises are crucial. The more you stretch every joint, keep them moving to their full capacity/range of motion, the longer you will be able to move them and the longer you will keep the pain away.

    I didn't know cinnamon was supposed to be helpful. I know it is excellent for blood sugar, but haven't heard of it for arthritis. Oregano is supposedly very helpful. Drives my mom nuts because she keeps wanting Italian food because she tastes the oregano when she burps, lol.

    I don't ever discount herbal remedies IF you have a good herbalist. I miss the one I saw when we lived in OH.