Remember the BADwill job I had?

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911

    And remember the boss that I had?

    They fired her for no cause. They actually gave her 90 days about 60 days ago, and came in two days ago and asked for her resignation. The evil one still there. OMG. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This place is REEEEEEEEEDICULOUS.

    So I asked the evil one tonight if she was going to apply for the former bosses job? She said no. She said she's not interested. I called fomer boss and said "WHY NOT - she "DESERVES" it more than anyone I know.....she's lied, manipulated, tattled, perverted, elaborated, reported, made more stuff up than anyone in that entire business......she SINCERELY DESERVES the store. And the former manager said that her boss and others told her that the evil one does not possess the skills to handle the job.


    and since her resignation - they are cleaning, and painting, and hauling......and doing a ton of "freshining up" items. My guess to make the customers believe the old manager wasn't doing her job. ROFLMAO. That place superceedes any Peyton Place I have ever met. I thank God Every night for the evil one.....and my new good job. WOW. What a bunch a maroooons.
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    Good riddance to the old job! You got out just in time :)
    Glad to see you Star*
  3. Hound dog

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    I think your boss will find she is grateful to have been "helped" to escape the drama too.

    Our GW does not "appear" to be that way. Only thing bad about it I can possibly say thus far is some of their pricing is like wth are you on drugs or what? lol Cuz it's like out there in left field somewhere. I feel like taking it to the manager and saying "Ya know, you're GW, not retail right? No one is going to pay that at GW." And of course the too high priced items just sit there. Other items, of course, are a downright steal. It's like ours can't find a middle ground, nor does pricing seem to follow any sort of condition or whatnot.
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    Lisa - I have yet to find logic in pricing at ANY of the thrift stores around here.

    Example: sheets are priced individually, not as a set. Two, side by side, matching pair, flat and fitted... the flat was $1 and the fitted was $10. Logic? NOPE. Now... on average, sheets in really good condition DO go for $4-5 around here, so it wouldn't have been a loss to get both, but... logic??

    The only stuff that has any logic is the stuff they get brand new, donated from retailers... these wlill be the leftovers of the leftovers... the last 3 pairs of pants from last year, for example. Thrift gets them with price tags still attached... and price at 10 cents on the dollar of the original (not last sale) price. So... if it was originally $i150 retail, they will charge $15. (I'm talking... dress pants that have never been hemmed... that kind of totally obviously brand new).
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    I agree that it's a good thing you got out when you did and I hope the former boss comes to realize that too, if she hasn't already. Isn't it funny how the evil one can get others fired for things they didn't do yet she is content to stay in her dead-end position with NO hope of going anywhere else. Good for her - hehehe!!
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    The upside (oh and by the way thanks TM)

    The upside here which are MANY -------are that shes out and will in time find something better and yes has escaped the drama. I agree.

    THE downside that gets you right in the kisser? She has worked there for seven years....and it very clearly states that if you "RESIGN" which she has done to avoid a black mark (so there may be something I'm not aware of) --again evil one tattle tale I'm sure ......

    She looses the Badwill match on her 401 K - that's their schtick.
    She looses the FIVE weeks of vacation that she's gotten saved up and never been able to take - again according to BAD WILL - that's poor management on HER part....UGH. Too many restraints and ridiculous rules made in impossible for her to take a vacation, and people just said for get YOU and quit. So she just banked it - five weeks

    She looses her health insurance and isn't a well woman. (I'm helping her with all the stuff I learned her from Susie * that helped me - so passign on the thanks for that o patient assistance)

    She just left her horrible husband and got a divorce and is on her own - um lets see - DIDN"T I TELL HER TO GET she? NOoooooooooo.....UGH.

    So I dunno.....but the stress will have to be less. And I asked for a double dose on my Welbutrin claiming I started a stressful job ------(which I did ) so I could share ...I know I know.....but that's what friends are for. Sorry it's not right - but she shared with me when I had no insurance....until Susie turned me on to patient assistance.......sooooo every little bit helps and it's only for one month.

    AND I'm getting a basket together becasue this same woman gave ME a 40 dollar bilo card...for groceries...without hesitation that was her thanksgiving card from the company..and I said someday I'd be in a position to give it is tis for ironic.
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Star, she's very lucky to have you as a friend. I don't think doubling up on medications to share what she needs is bad. I think it's very sweet of you to do so.

    I wish she were closer........I'd help with that basket and food wouldn't be an issue for a while.

    You'll have to teach her couponing. :)

    And policy or not, she needs to get a lawyer and fight them. She earned that vacation.......that is paid time off. Doesn't sound right they can just tell her it's theirs now. Policy or no policy. Policy is made to be broken, just like every other rule.
  8. Signorina

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    She should not lose ALL of the match on her 401k regardless of the cause of separation. Even before the passage of "The pension Protection Act" of 2006, the federal law required:

    100% vesting upon completion of five years of service,(cliff)
    20% vesting upon completion of three years of service with the percentage increasing 20% each year until 100% vesting was reached upon completion of seven years of service.

    The pension protection act accelerated that to either a 3 year cliff (100% vesting after 3 years, 0% at 35 months) or a graduated SIX year (20% each year to 100% in year 6) AND WHY OR HOW an employee leaves doesn't matter. This is a federal tax law - not state. It's a huge federal fine if they are found in violation plus the trustees of the plan and the investment firm are personally liable and she could sue all of them! There is no messing around with it.

    As for the vacation- again sounds like a violation of employment law. That does vary by state. But I find it unlikely that they don't have to pay out at least SOME of it. It's usually simple to file a complaint with the state & it usually gets quick action from the employer.

    Finally, a forced resignation may still make her eligible to collect unemployment. She should file. She has nothing to lose. And I am sure that her friend Star could provide testimony in her favor.
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