Remember when I said "shhhhhh - we can't talk too loud or....

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    the board jinx will out?"

    Will it did & we were whispering. Over the last week kt has missed 4 days of school ~ SD has been calling to see if kt needs hospitalization for stabilization; they are describing her as manic & dissociative (which is it folks - I've never seen both at once).

    I'm watching with interest the difficulties kt seems to be experiencing & her menstrual cycle. I've been tracking it since kt got home. There is a correlation.

    AND talking with therapist, in home therapist, & Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker, we're seeing more depression/anxiety than mania. kt sees psychiatrist this coming Monday; I've asked SD to email a list of their concerns. However, I don't see psychiatrist putting kt in the hospital based on the school's concerns because she isn't being disruptive or physically aggressive. More, she's taking more breaks in the break out room & is by school's therapist description dissociative more than anything.

    So never mind about seeing kt as stable as I've ever seen her.....that may happen next month (thank goodness March is less than a week away;)).
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    I'm sorry she has been refusing school. It's good she has a psychiatrist appointment coming up on Monday. I'm not surprised you are seeing a correlation between behaviors and her cycle-good for you for keeping track-maybe the doctor will have an idea about what to do about it. Hugs.
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    I am sure there is a correlation between the PMS and changes in mood. I can see it with my difficult child every month. She refuses to even take Midol to help it. Sigh.....

    I hope KT gets it together soon!
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    Kanga has the same problem. She's been on birthcontrol since she was 12 to help smooth out the edges.