Remember when we were doing vicarious karate?

scent of cedar

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Does anyone remember when I started karate classes? And some of us were going to do karate vicariously through my postings?

Well, here in the real world ladies, I took my green belt last week. :smile:

I am going to continue with the classes.

The next belt will be brown and then, there are various degrees of black belt.

I am still not anywhere near dangerous, but I AM having alot of fun with it!




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Congrats! Green, wow, that's getting up there :bravo:

All 3 of my kids are in. B is yellow, he started late, Dylan and J just tested for orange!

Good job!


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This is great, I have also heard it is a wonderful way to get exercise too....Waiting for the black


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Wow, Barbara, that is terrific. :bravo:

by the way, my back still hurts from when you vicariously threw me over your shoulder and onto the floor.