Removed restraing order after 7 years

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by upallnight, Jul 21, 2012.

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    It was a long time coming and we had had a lot of "illegal" contact but things had been good for a long time. Last week we drove home from our vacation camping in Nova Scotia. husband and I drove in 1 car, and difficult child and youngest easy child drove in difficult child's. Coming across the border into the US we (husband and I) got right through. difficult child was stopped because he had that RO. I went inside the building and that was when they called the police since we are legally not allowed near one another. Do you have any idea how bad I felt at that point? They strip searched difficult child. They asked him if he had weapons and he said "No" but then he had a knife in his pocket. Then they searched both vehicles, even though originally we were allowed to leave. Then they said I could not leave either. I was so upset, they kept saying they were going to arrest him. This was at the immigtation near the border. Then the cops came. They were nice once I explained about difficult child, our tough love approach to parenting, and let us all go. This was Sunday in Maine. Monday in NJ I went to the courthouse and explained all this and it's removed. Also easy child spilled difficult child's powder in his backpack and you should have seen them removing that! I'm getting over my heart attack just now a week later. One day we will all laugh about this.
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    That would have definitely stopped my heart too. Glad it all worked out and you were ALL able to go home.
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    Holy Moley. So glad it worked out but I was holding my breath just reading your post. Hugs to you all. DDD
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    I think you did the right think at this point. Your difficult child has matured and come such a long way. As I am fond of saying, that frontal lobe has finally grown up. I am glad I never went through the RO because I think it would have devastated Cory and our relationship has grown so much slowly but surely. Besides that we had the kids to think about. I hope you guys are ready to live a very happy life now. Good luck.
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    Oh thank goodness that all worked out!!! On my first honeymoon coming into the us from Canada, we were strip searched and they impounded our car, had to walk two miles to a truck stop and have exh's sister in law wire us money....nightmare!

    I'm so glad that you and difficult child are good.