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    thought i'd make you all laugh this morning...

    difficult child 2's report card was as expected for her, i cant really complain.

    but under comments?

    difficult child 2 "needs to take more personal responsibility for herself"


    umm, isnt that the very definition of gfgness when you are an alphabet soup kid? i was hoping for personal responsibility by around 25, not now.

    the comment stems from a gym incident in which my slug got with a few old friends who thought it was a good idea to only do one of two laps and that no one would notice...and mine thought that was a grand old plan and went along with them. heck, i think *I* would have thought that was brilliant too. when questioned about it, difficult child 2 told gym teacher exactly what happened, right down to the ringleader, so at least she was honest. (i guess it was misconstrued as either "blaming" or well, YOU should know better, lol--it was actually the gospel truth)

    gym teacher wasnt too thrilled. she didnt get my point that i was pretty thrilled mine was socializing with old friends and THAT was worth more to me than running a mile right now.

    i just found it hysterical...i guess i have a twisted sense of humor these days.
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    I think it was pretty good she found friends to walk a lap or two myself too. Phooey on gym teachers...lmao. Never have liked them. My dislike goes back to 7th grade and a mean looking gym teacher who thought all us girls needed to suddenly turn into gymnasts because Nadia had won the Olympics with perfect 10's!

    Trust me, Im not gymnast and was terrified to walk on the stupid balance beam. I failed miserably.