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    I checked report cards on line last night.

    I'll start with the better of the two, difficult child. Yep difficult child did better than easy child. Granted his curriculum is modified but he pulled out all "Bs" and "Cs" which for him means he is working hard when he can (according to recent phone calls it doesn't seem like he is available a lot of the time).

    Onto easy child, sigh. I am really worried about her right now. She didn't do at all well. She had a couple of bs but some cs a d and an f. The f came in P.E. of all subjects! It simply means she isn't trying and refusing to participate in some of the activities.

    I came home last night at a bit before 7 and she was already in bed asleep. I woke her to ask if her hw was done and she said it was but it's hard to know with her anymore. I'm so concerned because she shouldn't be sleeping as much as she is (at least I don't think it's normal).

    I'm also worried because her grades will probably get her bounced from cheer. I don't know if it will be permanent or temporary, I do know that it is the one thing she seemed to care about.

    I know she did this herself and has no one to blame but her I'm just very worried and so is husband (well, I think he is more upset but also worried as well). She just had a psychiatrist appointment last week and we upped her Sertraline. So far it doesn't seem to be helping a lot but I guess I need to give it a bit more time.
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    Sharon, easy child sounds depressed. If the increase in her AD doesn't improve things, she may need an augmenting medication or a change in AD. Not all ADs work for everyone. I hope you'll schedule a psychiatrist appointment for her in the near future to follow up with how she's doing.
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    Hi Sharon,
    It does sound like easy child is depressed, it was exactly the same with my difficult child.
    The napping or excessive sleeping, dropping grades all that was me last year.
    She was on Zoloft and it stopped working. It took most of the school year to get the right combo of medications, that and a psychiatrist change.
    She is on Celexa and Wellbutrine and has worked wonderfully it did take a long time to build up in the system. She still naps but as I am constantly told it is the teen thing to do. I think she naps out of enjoyment more than necessity at this point.
    Last year I thought she was going to repeat the 10th grade, but we were able to get her stable on medications in enough time to pull out a passing score in enough classes for her to pass.
    This year I am very pleased to say the medications are still working and she was one grade shy of making honor roll!
    I would get her rechecked and see if she needs a new AD, that is what it sounds like to me.
    It is an awful roller coaster and depression hoovers big time, add in teen girl hormones and we are sunk!
    Best of luck,
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    Kudos to difficult child!! If he's trying so hard, maybe he does need a little more "stress reduction" time at school.

    As far as easy child, I'm with you- give it a little more time but jkeep an eye on it. I wouldn't worry about the F in PE. I failed it for part of the school year once, difficult child is currently failing his but passing everything else- I think. I'd ask her about it but let it go for a while. Sometimes the class has mostly jocks in it and other kids are just not comfortable; sometimes PE teachers are too pushy for kids to be physically assertive in ways that just don't come natural to them.