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  1. Wiped Out

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    Ugh-I just looked up easy child's report card on line, she failed world history and P.E.

    This is a girl capable of straight A work! I'm ready to throw my hands up-I'm so done, nothing we do or say makes a difference with her, she is going to have to learn the hard way. Her grade point is a lousy 2.17. If that we're difficult child's report card (who did better by the way) I would be so proud but when she is capable of so much more-ugh!

    Geez-it hurts to see such potential being wasted.

    on the other hand, I also looked up difficult child's report card. For him it was really good. He got an "A" in reading although it was a modified grade and some other decent grades as well. He did get a "D" in Language Arts mostly due to falling asleep almost every day in class.
  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Seems summer school might be in order or some sort of remedial school work since she obviously isn't getting it.
    Can they do PE make up class?
  3. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    I have never understood how you fail PE. I was one of the least athletic kids in my entire school and still pulled A's in PE and that was 20 years ago when it was a lot different. Many hugs.

  4. Hound dog

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    You said it. It was harder. Is our sd the only one who stopped requiring PE as an everyday class?? Here the kids don't even experience PE until the 2 semesters required for hs.

    Back when I was in school formal PE classes began in jr high and was every single day of the week. It continued until you graduated.

    I'm not the least bit athletic either. The only way one could fail PE that I know of what to not participate at all.
  5. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Lots of kids fail PE simply because they didn't dress out properly. It's a quiet way for them to buck the system.

    On that note, I remember the one-piece suit we had to wear during PE. One year they opted for shorts and a T-shirt. It only lasted one year because the boys were constantly 'depantsing' the girls during class. Back to the onesies.

  6. Wiped Out

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    Fran-I think she will need to make up World History at some point (no summer school this year as she is going on campus for 3 weeks-leaves on Sunday), probably during the year. She didn't fail the semester of PE just the quarter-pulled out a whopping D for the semester.

    Beth & Lisa-It's still easy to pass PE but not if you refuse to change and participate-grrrr! husband and I just don't understand that mentality.

    husband and I were talking last night how she just doesn't get it. The only time she doesn't do well in a class is when she doesn't like the teacher. She thinks she is proving something, what that is we don't know. We have told her to take that as a challenge to do well when she doesn't like someone, that she is hurting herself and not the teacher. It just doesn't sink in!
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Oh, just brought back so many fond memories of the "gym suit" UGH!!! I hated those things.

    Sharon I believe this thing she has with teachers she doesn't like/get along with is fairly normalish for her age. Sort of like what Abbey was saying, mini rebellions. It won't take too long of natural concequences for her to figure out she's only hurting herself.

    It's frustrating to watch when you know later down the road she's going to regret it. All 3 of mine did.

  8. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    I had a 'mini rebellion' in college over PE. (I pick and chose my battles wisely....not.)

    When I went to college, you were required to take some sort of PE class every semester. Ummm...I'm sorry, but I'm not paying all this money to learn a sport. I don't have a scholarship, parents who pay...just me. I want to LEARN about subjects I'm gravitating towards.

    Fast forward 2 years. I had a 4.0 gpa, but had not met the requirements for PE. Geez. I failed one required class, PE for the Elementary Teacher, because the instructor changed her grading structure well into the class. I had more important things to spend my time on so I ended up fighting it with the Dean and won. I got a C.

    The truce was me lifegaurding at the college pool to earn my credits. Didn't mind, was already a lifeguard so it was a good compromise.

    I understand the importance of physical activity, although I choose not to partake. Wait...I'm going to walk to the mini-mart to buy a pack of cigs. Does that count? It's 1.5 miles each way.

  9. DaisyFace

    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not


    I hear you! I have the same trouble with my daughter (and not just in school). In order to prove someone else wrong, she will do all sorts of things that are detrimental to herself.

    I have been trying to impart the message that she needs to consider her ultimate "life goals". Are these choices really going to help achieve my goals?

    Again, what's the big "payoff"...? Ha! Ha! I failed! I really showed you!!


  10. muttmeister

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    I think that is the key. As parents, we think we can guide our kids and keep them from making the same mistakes we made or point them in the right direction so they don't make new ones but, ultimately, by the time they are teens, they do what they will do and then we have to let them pay the consequences. We can talk till we drop but it won't help. We can set guidelines and punishments and then it is u[ to us to follow through but sometimes they accept the punishment and still don't remedy the situation. That is their choice and we have to let them live with it. I'm not sure I'd arrange for summer school or anything else. It is her problem; she created it; she should deal with it.

    As far as PE goes, I was one of those straight A students who hated PE. I think they gave me a D out of the goodness of their hearts. When I got to college I met the requirement by taking bowling for two semesters. I did fail the semester I took lacrosse and field hockey (not my choice of classes). If they thought I was really going to go running up to a ball where people were swinging sticks, they must have thought I was a lot dumber than I was!
  11. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Gosh this post brought back memories! The dreaded gym suit! What color was yours? Did they make them in any other colors besides red on the bottom and striped red and white on top? That is the only color I have ever seen. I hated that thing.

    I was so uncoordinated. Back when I was in school they were so into gymnastics. I cant remember who had just become so famous but they decided we would all become little gymnasts but I certainly wasnt one. I was scared of the bars and couldnt walk a balance beam to save my life. My dad even built me one in our yard to try and help me. Nope...wasnt happening. I just couldnt do those things. I think they gave me a D just because I showed up.
  12. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    WO, I wasn't thinking of summer school as a help but as a consequence. Maybe not going away for 3 wks and attending summer school. It's probably too late to get out of her campus excursion and into summer school.

    She should be encouraged to ask the college students or whoever mentors them what the college thinks about grades and whether a student likes or doesn't like a teacher. She will have teachers, bosses, peers she doesn't like the rest of her life. You don't derail your own goals because of it.

    Oh well. She will have to learn or she will wake up at 22 thinking, "heck, I'm being left behind".
  13. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    I never had to wear "the suit", but I went to a Catholic school through 8th grade.

    We had to take PE all year, every year, through 5th grade; then 1/2 a year through 8th. We had a certain number of credits we had to have in high school, and I took tennis my freshman year. Then we moved to Ohio and I was behind on credits, so I took it in summer school plus my sophomore year. I hated every second. I'm still not athletic.

    So when my kids have twice-a-week (difficult child 2) or 1/4-year (difficult child 1), it makes me wonder... And then difficult child 1 complains about being fat (she's not). difficult child 2 is in football in the fall so that helps him... But the rest of the time, they're vegetative. TV and video games.

    Fortunately mother in law's complex has a pool, and the kids spent about 6 hours there yesterday...
  14. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Lisa-I think you're right, natural consequences are going to have to wake her up and I think she will regret it.

    Abbey-I so hated those gym uniforms-ugh! Even worse we had to wear their swimsuits when it was swimming time! I think the walk should count! by the way, last year she got an A in PE but had decided beforehand not to have it count in her GPA (they can do this). This year she decided to have it count towards her GPA-figures.


    Muttmeister-I just wish it was easier to let them face those natural consequences! ROFL about the field hockey!

    Janet-Ours were also red and white on top-more maroonish though.

    Fran-I honestly think easy child would rather do summer school. She hates going away for three weeks and her best friend that she hung out with there last year got kicked out of the program. I wish there was a way for her to do both! That is my fear, that she'll wake up at 22 and realize what she's missed.

    StepTo2-I went to a Catholic school through 6th grade-we barely ever had P.E.! I hated PE because I wasn't athletic but really to pass we only needed to dress and try in high school.