Reporter coming by this afternoon to interview my sister and I

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mattsmom277, Dec 30, 2010.

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    A reporter from the local paper is coming by at 1p.m. to interview my sister and I about our holiday reunion :). It should be fun. easy child comes home from her dads and her Christmas visit, at noon. Not much time for the girls to spend together before hand! I do hope that it is okay to have the two girls pose for a photo though without me. I loathe pictures, let alone for a newspaper!

    easy child is thrilled to be coming home to meet her aunt! I am sure they will be thick as thieves in no time. They get along so well online and the age difference is only a matter of months.

    I will post an update about when the article will run (I'm thinking tomorrow though).

    And as an aside, my sisters mother texted her last night. She had this coming Monday off work or next Saturday, leaving her an option of having stayed a full week by leaving Monday or nearer to 2 weeks by leaving next Saturday. She quickly texted next Saturday. So I'd say she's really enjoying herself! :) I would have been fine with Monday, not insulted or anything. I mean a week away from home is a long time especially for a tween. It is a nice feeling however to know she is enjoying us as much as she is.

    It's a beautiful thing :)
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    How cool!

    Our local paper interviewed me when I took the girls to Washington Difficult Child for the Easter Egg Roll. They included pictures I sent in though because both girls werent down here. It is kinda cool to be in the paper. I had people stop me that I didnt even know to ask if I was the person in the
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    That's lovely. DDD
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    She spent about an hour here, took several pictures. Some of just my sister and I, and some with easy child included. I do hope she's intuitive to know easy child would enjoy being in the picture that is chosen to accompany the article.

    The girls are giggling up a storm in easy child's bedroom already. Funny how my sister just has blended in so well and easily. There's no room for us to be shy with her because she's just exuberant lol.

    The article will run tomorrow or Monday. It will be available online before the paper publishes. Please PM me if you would like a link :)
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    That is awesome ! A keepsake I am sure you will cherish. I am so happy things are going so great for all of you! I would love to read the story if you could send me the link that would be great.
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    I'd love to read it, too. I'm glad you also had a great time meeting and starting to get to know your sister, too. It's something, isn't it?
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    Nice! I hope the article turns out as beautifully as your actual reunion. Great way to start the new year!