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I was told over a year ago that I needed hemmroid surgery.

I was in the midst of 'rescuing' my difficult child, I am the main bread winner of the home, easy child needed me, etc. I opted to try other remedies and have surgery as a last resort.

Last sunday I felt really run down and had what I thought were sinus headaches. I took over the counter sinus medications and went on.

Monday after making a run on my horse I had to get off and sit down because I was dizzy. again, I thought I had gotten too hot and had an infection with my sinuses.

Tuesday I went to primed and was given an antibiotic shot and a steriod shot. The next day instead of bouncing back, I felt worse. I went back to primed and they ran bloodwork and sent me straight to the hospital for blood. I recieved two units and my heart was checked for damage due to the chronic blood loss.

The surgeon could not do the surgery until tuesday so I am home waiting, still bleeding.

I was told the two week recovery would be horrible pain (another reason I didn't want it!)

I have to shut down my shop. husband spent the afternoons calling everyone to cancel appointments. My shop brings in most of our income.

I know God has slowed me down for something. I am stuck now with the energy to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Please remember us in your prayers.

Looking at the whole situation, maybe I wasn't as detached as I thought I was and I am being put in a place where I can't 'help' difficult child in any way.



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You just need to worry about yourself for a bit. Focus on your recovery. Prayers for your quick recovery.



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Oh no Traci, I'm so sorry! You're only shutting down the shop temporarily, right?
Good luck Tues., and heal quickly!
You will be in my immediate prayers for a quick return to good health.

Please use this time to slow down (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) and nourish yourself, mind body and soul.

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Thank goodness you went in when you did ~ and that you needed to go in again and the problem was correctly diagnosed. Sending a prayer up that all is well with your heart and that you recover fully.

It IS strange how ten thousand things coalesce to teach us what we need to know.

Hold faith, Traci.




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God bless you and keep you in his tender care. may his angels surround you to comfort you and bring you peace. may he whisper in the ears of the doctors to speed your surgery thru.


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Sending healing thoughts for painfree recovery from your surgery....You needed a vacation didn't you? What kind of shop do you have? Hope this solves your health problems......


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:surprise: OUCH, Traci! :smile:

Sending good thoughts for a quick recovery. Good luck!



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Thank you all for the prayer support!

Suz ~ I think "ouch" is an understatement,lol (have to laugh to keep from crying!)