Requesting an Ipad as Assisted Tech for my Autistic Son

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    Good morning. My son recently had an IEP and after leaving I researched and saw the benefits of Ipads and Tablets and the available apps for children and Adults on the spectrum and was curious. Has any one else wrote a letter asking for such? Should I just schedule another meeting or should I ask in writing first, prepare for the worst and expect the best? LOL:twister2:

    Also... This is my first post.
    I am the parent of two beautiful African/Native American children and we live in the Kansas City Area.
    I am 32 years old and I am Bipolar and ADHD with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

    My son is Autistic/Aspie with ADHD and High Anxiety and has been having a "rough" transition into Middle School. His middle school is combined with high school and my 12 year old is 92 pounds. He is a little guy. His grades are dropping and he takes things like that personal and begins to punch his self and harm himself when he feels inferior. He has already been stuffed into a locker and doesn't want to go to school.

    My daughter is 10 and is over talkative in class and has random mischief which lands her in detention and In School Suspension often. I am requesting a Functional Behavior Assessment for her.
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    HI! love your sign in name. we had a recent thread about names, look it can add yours! Glad you found us. Yes, there are amazing IPad apps etc. I would imagine you would have a very difficult time convincing a school district to fund one. They are not obligated to provide optimal accommodations, only adequate accommodations to allow fair access to do classes/academics. That said, it would be nice. Another route to go though, is through county funding. I dont know what kind of insurance you have or if you have a waiver or family grant or any other disability funding for your child. These are being funded through those programs. I plan to add one this year (if my budget allows for him). His therapists have suggested it. You will likely need a doctor note or at least a therapists note for that. I requested it from our neuro and she is fine with that (has an Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) child herself, smile). There are kids who need non-verbal alternative communication systems that can't get funding thru the schools! (I am an Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and have tried, believe me, it is not fair and it seems like it would be against the law but you really need deep pockets in the first place to fight it...usually can word it so insurance will pay though).
    Another idea is that your school, if progressive, may have some "technology" items or even a specialist who can allow the student to borrow it for the year or share with others. many use laptops and word processors in this fashion.

    Now, about your kids, I'm curious (so obviously you are not obliged to answer) your daughter does not have a diagnosis of anything but just gets in trouble? Does she have an IEP? While all schools should do an FBA for students who have behavior issues regardless of their special education status, I suspect most dont unless legally compelled to through special education due process. I am not sure on that though so will leave it to others to be the experts in that area.

    Nice to meet you! Hope to learn more about you and your family, luv, Buddy
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    Yea I did take Alexis/difficult child 1 for a psychiatric evaluation and they said they were hesitant to medicate her for ADHD. I kinda want a second opinion on that. She spent at least 70 - 80% of her 1st and 2nd grade years out of the classroom for being disruptive, not able to focus and her handwriting is shot. I kinda want to request for them to test and see if she has dysgrafia
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    She was out of the classroom that much and is not on an IEP??? oh my. adhd causing that much disruption? I do wonder about other things, can you get a neuropsychological evaluation done? I would call around for that, just MHO. That is simply unacceptable and if she has no IEP you can ask for the process. You need to make the request in writing. Let us know if you do or dont have an IEP for them and we can help you sort thru the process if you are interested. It is important for them to follow the law in educating and managing behaviors and an IEP will give you legal protections to make that happen.
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    What do I need to specifically ask for in writing a FBA or a neuropsychological evaluation?
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    Is she on an IEP? IF no, then first things first, you would request an assessment for an IEP, in writing and sent to the school thru certified mail.

    If she is on an iep, you would again, request an FBA to analyze problem behaviors resulting in her not being able to remain in the classroom...and whatever other behaviors you are interested in.... and again, mail it certified mail.

    The neuropsychologist evaluation is requested through private means... Depends on your insurance. I just called the University hospital/clinics and did it thru them and his insurance covered it. Many pay out of pocket.

    This is separate, a medical evaluation. The neuropsychologist will help you sort through all of the possible diagnoses based on the concerns you state and the testing they do. It is long. If anyone offers a short tesing option, they are not the ones you want at this point in your journey. You are in a city so you should have a child development clinic, center, or a university or hospital with neuropsychological services.

    So not either/or, In my opinion, you will likely want both.
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    Spoke with the school today about my daughter....
    they agreed verbally to do a FBA...
    I asked do I need to do this in writing and they said no.... I think I might do it in writing anyway... he says there are things that can be done to assist with her without going as far as an IEP or 504 plan.
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    Yes you need it in writing. You need EVERYTHING in writing. Otherwise, all you get is whatever little bits they can squeeze out of somebody else's budget... which isn't much.