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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by pepperidge, May 22, 2008.

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    Martie and Sheila, thanks for your answers on my post of a couple of days ago. I hope you can answer some of the follow up questions I raised there on the issue of curriculum based instruction that you directed me to, Martie.

    Have been doing some reading on research based instruction. I am finding it difficult to find any info on reading comprehension intervention strategies for middle schoolers. Also writing improvement strategies. (I found on What Works Clearinghouse an evaluation of middle school math interventions, which was great!)

    I will ask in the IEP meeting what strategy they are using and what the research is that validates it. Don't know what answer I will get. But if they can't give me a good one, what are my options? Where do I go to find out what works, and who can recommend it to the SD?

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    Have you looked into Wilson Reading? I know some people here really like it (I myself don't know much about it).
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    I will check into it. I think it is more for dyslexia, which is not my son's problem--it is more higher order inference skills. but maybe it would help.

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    Check out the SOAR to Success reading intervention program. It focuses on comprehension. It's geared towards grade 3 thru 8. I have not used it with students but did attend a training on the program and it looks like a great comprehensions tool that is "scripted" meaning a parent, aide, or volunteer could be easily trained to use it.
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    I hope I didn't drop the ball on your questions. I was out of town for a while. Sicne the law does not support parents dictating methodology, I always assume that the measurement will have to be done within whatever the school is doing, at least for students who are in gen ed classes. However, you raise a very good point about methodologies in general needing to be researched based. I would ask the question.

    Unfortunately, curriculum is not an area of great expertise for me. I do not have a specific recommendation for a canned program that is directed at reading comprehension although I certainly agree it is important, and too often, it is not thoroughly measured.