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    Can you give further information about the residential facilities that you have in US.
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    We used an educational consultant to find a residential treatment facility that would best meet the needs of our son.

    Good luck.
  3. I would be careful about NATSAP. It is a private organization. Most would call it a kind of lobbyists for a group of residential treatment centers. They are heavily involved in the HR. 911 which seem to aim at some kind of federal regulation of residential facilities, which is needed.

    Because we had a fine residential program of the higest standard here in Lucedale I was tempted to send my daughter to one of their other facilities in Nevada. Suddenly a former employee who had to find another job when the treatment facility in our town closed did send me a mail about a boy almost dying in the middle of Death Valley. Guess what facility which just let this boy walk out in the desert? The very program I considered for my daughter. I felt so cheated.

    Sagewalk we all saw on Brat Camp some years back is a member of NATSAP. They lost a boy in august and now they are closed while they are trying to figure out how he died.

    Second I consulted an educational consultant at some point. When he mentioned a program he had found after a long research I googled the webpage and then I saw that they worked together because he was listed on their webpage. I asked if he got a fee for referring clients to this specific treatment facility. The way he answered me made me drop him.

    I wish I could recommend a place where they have our interest in mind. I am sorry to say that I have been disappointed to many times.
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    We are not allowed to recommend specific residential facilities. My own experience with two of them is that they are very expensive, insurance will sometimes cover some of the cost and at least for my son, they made no difference whatsoever.
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    The NATSAP site does list a number of good facilities. That NATSAP is an organization interested in the industry and promoting the interests of it's members doesn't change the fact that a great number of good facilities are listed on the site. No kisting, on any site, should be taken as absolute assurance that any or every place listed is either good or bad. Checking a particular place is a separate step.

    Also, on the matter of injuries or worse, a single event without details, and doubly without a completed investigation, proves nothing. Perhaps a parent should wait for details or should choose another place, but a single event has to be viewed from several perspectives. People die in hospitals too, but that doesn't mean to never enter a hospital.

    I do know some places with real care and concern about the children and families they serve, and with outstanding safety records. But that is only one part of finding a good place for any child in need.
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    My son is at a residential facility and I feel blessed to have found a good one. My husband works in the industry and was very impressed with this place.

    He has been there since the end of April. He has made great improvements on his anger and his behavior. He still has some issues to work on, which is why he is still there.

    His therapist and I e-mail 2-3 times weekly and I talk to him on the phone 1-2 times a week. My ex, his father, has been down there several times for family therapy and to visit, which has been good for both of them.
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    Different RTCs work on different issues. The Residential Treatment Center (RTC) both of my children have been in have an expertise in Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) & PTSD. They do work with autism & other issues but the majority of their clients have attachment & trauma issues.

    I'd be searching for an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) that has expertise on your difficult children issues.

    I know nothing of this website ~ county services stepped in & we had a list; however it was a no brainer where kt &/or wm would be when needed.
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    Thanks very much for your answers. Has given me a little more info to go on and where to start with gathering all that I need to see if this is what we need. difficult child has stabilised a little with the tweaking of medications, but how long this will last is anyone's guess - just going to enjoy the calmer waters for now and continue to gather all my info.