Residential Treatment Center (RTC) finally getting it!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Mar 10, 2011.

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    I had a very nice meeting with Kanga's Residential Treatment Center (RTC) team. :)

    They were unable to confirm if her latest exploit actually occured, they are unsure if she deluded herself into thinking it happened or if she is trying to manipulate by pretending it happened. They also decided that it didn't matter and she has been consequenced as if it did happen!!

    Her consequences are finally at the level that I had requested months ago. And it seems like staff is finally all on board. They said that my complaint led to two meetings (one with higher ups and one with Kanga-direct staff) and it came to light that some staff didn't really understand the plan and others hadn't bought into the plan. They promise that everyone is now on the same page.

    Her therapist (who is great!) made sure that the entire team knew that Kanga has rejected the plan and stated that she will do what she wants and screw the rules.

    Treatment goal has been changed from "Kanga shall learn appropriate sexual behavior." to "Kanga shall learn that there are consequences for making inappropriate sexual choices." Prior to 18, the goal is that she learns which behaviors are considered illegal and develop enough respect/fear of the law to stay on the legal side.

    Of course, right after that great meeting, I tell them she is interviewing tomorrow for a transfer to another Residential Treatment Center (RTC). They did say they understood completely.
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    Day late and a dollar short. Hopefully the next one that comes along with a protection plan will be taken seriously!
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    The new Residential Treatment Center (RTC) agreed to keep the protection plan if she is accepted so having it stronger will help with the new one. And it makes her getting accepted to the new Residential Treatment Center (RTC) less critical, so I will be more relaxed at the interview. (husband had visions of me sobbing and clinging to the interviewers legs, begging them to take her :rofl: )
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    That would be ME!!!!

    Nice that they figured this out. I swear...
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    Could they have got wind of your plans before you told them? It could account for them seeming to lift their game at the last minute... I'm thinking, Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff probably move from place to place, keeping their friends and connections to previous places. If it's an incestuous business, chances are someone at the new place may have spilled the beans, especially if there was a hint that you're gunning for staff who are not doing their job. In which case - would you want her at a centre that would possibly pass warnings back?

    Just check it out (or consider it) is all I'm saying...

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    There is movement of staff between a lot of these places. First Residential Treatment Center (RTC), old Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and current Residential Treatment Center (RTC) often had staff with experience at 2, or even all 3 of them. However, the new place is 6+ hours away from the current place so the chance of staff moving between these two is very slim. It took until the 3rd violation of the protection plan for me to go over their heads and they (the mid level staff) were able to bounce it down to lower level staff so I don't think I'm persona non grata enough for them to ruin her move.
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    I am glad that they took some action. Day late and a dollar short is right, but at least it is there if she ends up staying with them. I think the change in her goal is important.

    You done GOOD getting them to pay attention.
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    Had to chuckle at husband - (such a funny man)

    Congrats! YOU GO WARRIOR MOM! (doesn't funny man know Warrior Moms don't hang on to legs?) ----still chuckling. :grouphug:
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    Glad you finally got through to them!