Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s "new" phone policy

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Kanga has been calling on random days, not just the two pre-approved days that Residential Treatment Center (RTC) told us she'd be allowed to call. Last night, it was the same staff trying again to connect a call. I nearly blew up at her. I explained that Kanga was only suppose to call on the two pre-approved days. She said that the residential supervisor had decided to allow the girls to call home more frequently. I nearly bit through my tongue as clearly this girl was only doing what he boss told her to do. I explained through gritted teeth that we knew from experience that increased contact would cause Kanga to decline drastically and that it needed to be noted in her file that she is only allowed her two calls that were the original deal.

    I feel horrible not wanting to talk to her but to be totally honest, my skin crawls when I see that it is the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) on caller-id. husband and I try to trade off and force the other to talk to her. Her current delusion is that staff is 'fine' with her dating a boy from the boys unit. Per staff, it is not fine and they had to make a new rule that even talking about dating would result in loss of privledges cause she would not stop talking about him and their mythical dating relationship. Of course, in her little world, it is our fault that they can't go on dates/live together/have a baby, ugh.
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    Gotta love when they change the rules and don't tell you huh?!

    And those mythical relationships... O has one right now... FM has checked into it. No such guy...
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    Geez. I hope the new boss isn't aiming for reunification. Let's hope they listen to you so your household can be as calm as it deserves to be. Hugs. DDD
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    How frustrating. You would think the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) would inform the family about changes that potentially affect said family.
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    Step - This boy exists, but their contact is limited to some classes together at school, many times the boy has no idea Kanga considers him her boyfriend. Per Kanga, this boy will be moving at the end of the semester to a town about 3 hours from her (closer to us) and she's been lobbying for us to move her to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in that town so she could 'be closer to my family and see you all the time'. (Yeah, cause I have SUCKER tatooed on my forehead, not).

    DDD - nope, thankfully, her official goal is no longer return home; this was a home-wide policy change, not specific to Kanga.

    Cubs- yep, a heads up or an actual discussion would have been nice
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    Phew/Whew! Glad to read that response. DDD
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    Just because it is policy doesn't mean that it can't be changed for her. Tell staff that either Kanga's calls are limited to those days or you won't answer the phone when it rings from Residential Treatment Center (RTC) on any other day, even if it is staff calling. There is NO reason for this change in kanga's case, and you have been there done that and they can deal with the consequences if they don't limit the calls as tehy are supposed to.

    I'm sorry the higher up person is an idiot.

    As for the boy, I just hope once she is 18 and walks that she doesn't try to drag y'all into all of it.

    How is it logical that when someone has to have a NEW rule about what the kids can speak about, that the child who was the source of the problem the rule addresses should get MORE times to talk on the phone? Someone has a case of capitus-up-rectumitis.
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    I'm probably thinking very simplistic here, but if she calls and talks about this boyfriend, per the Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s rules for her, shouldn't she loose these new phone privileges?
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    :rofl: There you go thinking like a easy child :)
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    Her phone log does (now) reflect that her calls are limited to 1 on each of the specified days.
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    And here I thought RTCs were supposed to be staffed by PCs. Not so? hmmmmmmm learn something new everyday! ;)
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    Residential Treatment Center (RTC) #1 - dealt with rough 20 staff, the MD was the only easy child
    Residential Treatment Center (RTC) #2 - mostly PCs, only one clueless staffer
    Residential Treatment Center (RTC) #3 - all home staff were difficult children, clinical staff was roughly half difficult child and half easy child
    Residential Treatment Center (RTC) #4 - mostly easy child with a few difficult child-streaks

    We've had the same issue in phosps.