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    Well, we got there. Took a few weeks to get it all together, but he's in. We left here yesterday around 8 AM, I got home arund 8 PM.

    Typical intake - signing my life away to releases and insurance documents and such. Met with psychiatrist and therapist together - both seem pretty nice.

    I asked about MRI/FMRI/EEG due to lifelong headbanging. Not sure how that will go. We'd have to have the referral from the psychiatrist, and he didn't seem too apt - but it's only day 1. If not (this is a huge thing on my mind right now), we'll do a study with NIMH once the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) is done.

    I want a medication wash. The Seroquel is not only making him more obese than he already was (158 lbs now, from 133 in July) - I don't see much improvement. We did discuss going higher for M.S. properties - he wrote it down. He asked if the Buspar was doing anything. I explained about the increased manic-type reaction at 20 mg AM/PM, and how I had to wean him down to 10 mg AM/PM. I don't know what it's *supposed* to do, haha, because no, it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

    psychiatrist suggested waiting a week or two until D's stable in Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). I said that was okay. He asked if he'd ever taken Zoloft - that's one we haven't tried. It's really hard for me to say how he's done on AD's, because I don't know aside from the Luvox. He was on Wellbutrin at the last Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), and his moods DID seem much happier - but the psychiatrist was trying to treat ADHD symptoms, we didn't see a result with *those*, so he d/c. *shrug* But, Luvox was bad - D was smearing feces on the walls in the bathroom, crying the staff were trying to kill him (strangle, specifically). But, again - I wasn't present. I don't know. Just staff words....He said Zoloft is very good for anxiety. I dunno. I keep going back to the Lithium - D even asked for it specifically - said he felt really good on it. Obvious concerns with the thyroid (Levothyroxine overstimulates - TSH was 107) - but geez - that's the only medication that really DID anything. I mentioned Lamictal. We'll see. It really annoys me they always go to the AP's first. I hate AP's. Those were the first questions - "what about Risperdal, what about Geodon?". Gah!

    I pretty much told him I'm letting go and they have full reigns (even though I say no to everything, haha). Obviously, they can't do anything with medications without my consent, but I'm leaving it up to them. I think I've been too overinvolved - I think I'm a psychiatrist when I'm not, hehehe, and I need to let them do what they need to do.

    Went over Axis I. Saw the Aspergers, then saw Borderline Intellectual Functioning (BIF) below, and said "well that rules out Asperger" LOL! I thought, whatever....I don't care.

    therapist seemed nice. Went over entire history. Paternal side is a disaster - had to remove D from the room to discuss bio dad.

    So, first night in the res, I get a call. "These kids are crazy". His roommate is screaming at the top of his lungs, throwing a tantrum going nuts. I asked Dylan how that felt. He said it made him really angry. I gently tried to explain to him that is how SO and I feel when he's throwing his. Obviously, he can't put 2 and 2 together - or just won't. He said he asked the boy to "please be quiet" and the boy said he was going to beat him up. That concerns me. First night, I wanted to go get him. D, although aggressive and all that here - is never like that with peers. He's never been in a fight, never been beaten up, never beaten anyone up. So I'm sitting here thinking, geez, is he going to learn MORE negative stuff now? I mean this kid's a bruiser - is he going to come out some big, bad beating everyone up machine? *sigh*

    This all just s*cks. Staff was watching D and the boy to make sure things stayed cool, but of course inside myself I'm freaking....

    Hopefully things get better. I'm trying really hard to detach. Detach, detach, detach.....
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    Hi, Janna. Sorry about all this. My gut feeling is the same as yours. If Lithium helped, go to Lithium. Duh! You can deal with the thyroid.
    Zoloft was a super bad medication for ME. It made me nuts. I ended up in the hospital. Be careful. It can be very stimulating and in no way did it calm me down! Yikes! It may be good for Dylan, but keep an eye out for possible mania. :)
    E-mail me.
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    It's hard to see difficult child's feeling a little out of their element when they are just new to Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) situation. Hope this passes quickly and he starts to do well.
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    I know how you feel about Residential Treatment Facility (RTF)'s but I guess you have to keep thinking that maybe THIS time the light will come on above someone's head. No real advice because I was never able to get difficult child into a Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) but I'm thinking about you guys. Hugs.
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    Sorry to hear this Janna. You have my hopes and prayers for a quick stabilization.
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    I wish I had a "cure all" for your anxieties. Not. Just know deep down in your heart that many of us are "feeling your pain" and we're also praying that somehow this may lead to the solution. Hugs. DDD
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    Thanks everyone.

    I'm hoping things get better, I know it's only day 2. He called me tonight to tell me his roommate was screaming at the top of his lungs almost all night, tantruming. D was crying, stressed, exhausted with a migraine.


    I left message with the therapist. That's the routine. Hopefully D's exaggerating or the issue is resolved quickly.
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    Hugs, I know this is hard for you. I hope D settles in quickly. Remember to do some taking care of you during this time.
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    Hang in there, and don't believe everything difficult child says about the place. It's really not Aushwitz!