Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) for son

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LSWinter, May 1, 2012.

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    Not sure what group to post on but need support. My 12 year old son is in his third psychiatric hospital in three months and now they are talking about Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) for him. As a parent this is hard to grasp and very emotional. Anyone have any input on Residential Treatment Facility (RTF)'s. Thank you!
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    Welcome to our group.

    I have no advice about Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), but I wanted to say that I am sorry that you are going through this. Can you tell us a little more about your son? What diagnosis's does he have? Is he currently taking any medications?
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    Hi, there are quite a few parents here who have had their kids in residential facilities. Sounds like he (and you) have been through a lot. What kinds of issues does he have and what kind of treatment facility are you looking at??? It is a heart breaking thought but I bet if not actually done, it is in the possibility list in the backs of most of our minds (well it is for me but no facility meets my child's needs at least so far from what county, psychs, docs etc. say, uggg).

    How do you feel about that idea?
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    Hi LS, and welcome, though sorry you had to find us.

    There are all kinds of RTFs out there, great, good, bad, and ugly. I think it's really important to visit as many as possible to get a feel for what is available. Here's a list of questions to ask - just a starting point, definitely add more questions as they apply to your situation. One of my very best resources when we first started considering Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) for our son was the hospital social worker, who knew thank you extremely well due to his very frequent hospitalizations. She was able to steer me away from the ones with- bad reps or that catered more toward kids with- different kinds of issues.

    You say "they" are talking about Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) - who are "they"? And how are you feeling about it - aside from devastated, which in my humble opinion is a totally reasonable way to feel - but what I mean is, do *you* feel that things have reached a point where Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) needs to be considered?

    Again, welcome.
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    I have the same kinds of questions about your son as the others have asked. What are "they" diagnosing him with. What medications have they tried and which ones is he still on? What kinds of behaviors are causing the hospitalizations? Can you describe some of the scenarios and his reactions? That would help us steer you in the right direction better.