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So, you might remember that I had resolved to attempt to lose weight & pay off our debt this year. I had a meager plan for the weight (Nutrisystem) & a good plan that was working for the debt. We did a month of Nutrisystem, and the best I got out of it was that I lost the weight that I put on in the first two weeks of the program. husband lost about 15 pounds. :( Needless to say we're not wasting our money on that again, but I am trying to be mindful of what we eat and drink.

husband is a contract worker, and works for a major company on the East coast. They have a rule that you can only renew contracts twice, and then the employee has to be let go for 30 days. They've offered him a position at 75% of his hourly rate with no overtime twice, and we've said no. So they said they'd keep him an additional year, and he either had to fish or cut bait at the end of the year, knowing that we had this debt to pay off. We were right on track for that.

We needed to have him take time off for ten days (without pay) this month, part of which was going to be a relatively cheap vacation during the travel. They said, "Why don't you take your month now and come back at the contractor rate for a year?" Well, it seems better to take that 30 days now than to take a full pay period without pay and then an additional 30 days at the end of the year, so we said "yes". The trouble being that I have been paying off the debt like crazy & only setting a little aside, so the only way we can make it without a month's pay is to use credit cards for anything above and beyond the mortgage and the debt. We'll be careful not to do anything extra, and to eat everything in the freezer and the cupboard, but I am so anxious I could jump out of my skin. husband is calling him tonight. I have told no one about the layoff, because we were meant to be out of town part of the time anyway, and we'll be working around the house.

husband's job is very niche oriented. He is one of about 10 or so people in the country who does what he does. They are always having to call in people from the software company to help. The software developer has always told him that when the 30 days are coming, he should let them know, but they're in Houston. The job would require a lot of travel, but it's a good negotiating thing if he can say he has something in the works when he comes back. Tomorrow is his last day before the 30 days off, and he has just heard today that the guy from the software company in Houston may have been hired on permanently at his company.

I've had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) that seems to not want to go away. I went to the doctor last week before I knew this was all coming up for it and my BiPolar (BP) (on medications) was 160/95, my oxygen intake was less than 90%, and there was glucose in my urine on top of the infection. I don't have diabetes, never any sign of it. I didn't get a chance to talk to the doctor about that, because the lab was backed up and we all knew I had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and we said "just call in an RX if it's positive" so when she asked about my glucose I was shocked. I have another appointment tomorrow. Needing to go urgently can be a sign of diabetes 1. And to top it off, my stairlift broke, so I'm barely able to get around the house.

Now I'm a nervous wreck.

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I would be anxious too, Witz. You sound as prepared financially as it is possible for you to be. Just like we tell one another about our kids, try not to write the end of the story. One day at a time.

As surprising as it must be to learn about the sugar and the infection, now they will be able to treat those issues.

What a day you've had.


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Oh boy Witz, that is a heap. You and me both, financial worries and health issues (hubs). Tis true, one day at a time........I hope your appointment eases your nervousness. Getting your blood sugar under control will help your body fight the infection.
Try not to worry too much, stress just adds to everything.
Back a few years, hubs decided to try to eat well and lose weight and was able to get better control of his sugars and cut down on the medications. It is possible to get it under control, but takes a bit of willpower (ouch), but doable.
So sorry about your stairlift and inability to get around the house. I hope it is repairable!
Boy oh boy.
Life just keeps throwing this stuff at us at times.
We'll just try to keep a stiff upper lip and march steadily through it.
All we can do.
It will be okay, because it just has to.


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Thanks all. I am feeling much better today. My appointment went well. The Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) was actually just my bladder being irritated from the infection from last week, which was apparently just a mess. I saw the report from last time - EVERYTHING was wrong - and yesterday - nothing was wrong - and we both attributed it to stress and fatigue. Glucose level was normal, and the pulse ox was probably due to a combination of cold hands and dark fingernail polish.

husband spoke to the guy from the company that would like to hire him, and he's definitely not going to work for the company husband is taking the break from - "they can't afford me". He told husband to brush up his resume and he would help husband get it right. They're not hiring right now but husband is already at the top of their list when they are.

husband closed up his desk and handed in all of his work stuff yesterday. Rather than walk him down to HR or whatever, the boss put it in a drawer and told him all of it and his cubicle would be there next month when he comes back.

Just for good measure, I've applied for a 15 month 0% interest credit card. I hate to borrow more but let's face it, we're going to have to charge some things. This is the way to do it when we have to. Hopefully that will work out. Still nervous, but not jumping out of my skin nervous.

Still, keep your fingers crossed!


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That is a very frustrating concerns and illness.

I've had lots of luck taking a product from the health store called d mannose for bladder infection prevention and for a "sore" bladder.

I get the tablets. If I have the slightest symptom of an infection, I'll take three tablets for two or three days.

Knock on wood, I haven't had an infection in years doing this.

For me it's worth it..saves going to the doctor, antibiotics and that oain from hexx.

Glad you are feeling better.


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I have "paid off" credit cards several times in my life. Yes....quotation marks around that. On purpose. Cuz after I pay them off? I run them right back up again. Thinking, oh, I'll just charge what I know I can afford to pay off each month. Uh huh yeah right. But! I digress!!

Witz, I just wanted to say, I admire you for making the plan to pay off debt! And I hope it works out well and goes as planned. AND 0% cards are the way to go!! I mean if they're offering it, take it! (I've done that hop-scotch thing a time or two)

Also, if you get to a place that you'd like to try losing weight again, I would recommend a book called "The 17 Day Diet" it's really super easy to read, and not too hard to follow. I tried it and lost 8 pounds! ANd was so pleased that I decided I probably didn't need to follow it anymore, and put on 15. D'OH!!

So I do plan to dust that book off again here pretty soon. I decided I'll give it one more shot, and if it's too hard or I cheat too much, well then, the heck with it! I'm going to move into acceptance after this final try.



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I too admire your desire to stay out of debt and so forth. I like reading articles by the experts like Dave Ramsey and others. I also track my CC almost daily on line. This has helped a lot.

Same with monitoring my calorie intake using a free APP My Fitness Pal. I always do much better when I track my food intake. I didn't use it today and I ate way tooooo much.


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Thanks, all. It's comforting to know that we all struggle with these things from time to time.

Once we get the credit card debt paid off I really hope that we won't do it again. My monthly payments to get them paid off is outrageous. I know that they're planning for me to not pay off the 0% ones, which will go to a very high interest rate when the "offer" is over, so I will pay them off first. The ones we have held for so long have fairly low rates, so I will keep on track with them as was always the plan, but it will have to go to minimum payments for a few months until we can get back on track. I'm disappointed that it didn't work out, and I know that we have not scrimped as much as we could have to get it done and over with - our bad.

As for my weight, we will be eating in (other than vacation) which is always good for losing weight. I am still eating smaller meals and just keeping it where I have been for a while. Let's face it - I'm 55 years old. I'm not a kid anymore and fat comes with the deal unless you exercise and I can't exercise. I just have to accept that I'm doing the best I can, and be mindful.

I probably haven't said it lately, but thanks to you all for being my private place. It's really important to me.


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have "paid off" credit cards several times in my life. Yes....quotation marks around that. On purpose. Cuz after I pay them off? I run them right back up again.
For the record.
Next time you "pay off" a credit card, seriously look at the credit limit they give you. It may help to reduce that by half or more - put a cap on the damage.

It also helps to "freeze" your credit card. Literally. In a block of ice in the freezer. Then, if you need to use it, you can still get to it but it really cuts down the impulse buying. (and no, you can't thaw it in the microwave)


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The reward (no CC debt) will be all that much sweeter because of the struggles.

I am passionate about living debt free because I used to have debts. I hated living that way.

Good luck and keep us posted!



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Jabber and I paid off all our credit card debt - once. Got a consolidation loan and paid it all off. Unfortunately, they didn't make us cut them up. Yeah...we owe more now than we did then.


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Lil, that happened to me and Hubby, too. That's about the time I took back the checkbook and bill paying duties.