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    Link doesn't work. However, if you copy the link into your browser, and replace Bipolar (BiPolar (BP)) with just the two letters B and P, you will get the right result.
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    Thank you Tanya (and Insane). In my experience with my son this has been true. He could not stand himself if I tolerated everything. When I began drawing a line, he felt he could begin to draw a line himself. It was if doing so myself, permitted him to do the same. I modeled the demanding self-respect. He is following with respecting me more, and accepting and respecting himself more, too. I am not sure how and why it is working this way, but it is.

    First, came me. Demanding for me. Then came him towards me. Now is following him for himself.

    I hate even to put it into words, should it go away. Again I will write the caveat. I understand one day does not a pattern make. But it gives me hope. For a long, long time I was afraid to feel love. I am feeling love and saying so.

    Thank you.
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    Thank you all, this is so true....
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    Thanks for letting me know. I tried a different version. Hopefully this one can be viewed.