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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by llamafarm, Mar 1, 2012.

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    difficult child has his first try with respite tomorrow. I was able to get care for 4 hours tomorrow from 9am to 1pm(no school) and 4 hours on Saturday, same time. Both husband and I have told him that if he can't keep from hitting me and yelling at me all the time he can't stay with us all the time. It is too dangerous for me. So we explained respite and in theory he likes the idea. Tonight there were many reasonable questions, such as how far away is it? What what time do we go what time do we come home? Is there a basketball court (yes, one basketball goal), how many kids will be there? etc. Very good questions. Tomorrow is a school day for all the other SD in the area, so he will most likely be there alone or with little kids or ... who knows. But I prepared him for a smaller crowd than he will see on Sat. Hopefully the experience will be one that he enjoys or at least one that will keep him busy. That is all he needs really, is to be kept busy and to have constant attention. In the meantime I could feel the relief of DDD when she realized he will be out of the house for 4 hours tomorrow. Dad is out of town, and it will be the first peaceful period DDD and I will have had together on a weekend in a loooong time. I hope all goes well.
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    I share your hope that all goes well. When our social worker asked about respite, I said if we could find a place that difficult child 1 would like I would like that. Her response: "This shouldn't be difficult child 1's decision. You just tell him he's going." Problem is with his PTSD and fear of abandonment, there is NO WAY I would MAKE him go somewhere he doesn't feel "safe".

    I'll keep you all in my thoughts. Take advantage of your time with DDD and make it special for BOTH of you!!!
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    YIPEE!!! I think these shorter times are a good start and if it goes well push for the overnight short stay places...they have some that are like mini foster homes (my mom did that and we loved our weekend sister/brothers) and some are like little residential centers, but not therapy kind...more like long term care kinds, and they can be kind of camp like (or awful of course you have to see)... so maybe you could get even a weekend 4-6 times a year?? I cant do the overnight thing, too stressful for ME, is not respite then right??? but I love my four hour breaks. It does make a huge difference.
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    Very good! Enjoy your time off!
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    Congrats! Hope you enjoy your free time with DDD