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    She met with an advocate who specializes in assistive technology, and her supervisor, to request that the AT advocate be brought on board for Wee's case.
    AT advocate reviewed Wee's IEP and from her take, most behaviors revolve around academics. ExMIL and I will meet with both advocates and possibly the supervisor over the summer to come up with a plan of attack for fall.
    This AT advocate has a masters in SpEd, and has already identified several areas she thinks she can help with, starting with that hideous BIP.
    I am also to take him for a full AT evaluation, since the one the school did earlier was focused only on what would help him in the self-contained room (that they are now planning to pull him out of). She also wants yet another evaluation at an independant office for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). They agree that even tho he does not exhibit a lot of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) traits now, they certainly were there early on.
    Her final statement was "I know that's a lot but this case is very difficult and we have to start chipping away at some of the data to get to the bottom of what is going on and how those needs can be met."
    I hate having my hopes dashed, but I'm hopeful. This second advocate has picked up on what we feel are some of the bigger issues surrounding Wee and turned the first advocate onto them. There is no doubt there IS an ED component to Wee - I will probably have to work hard to get them both to see that - but it is a smaller piece of the puzzle. Wee IS manageable if they'll just figure out how.
    Oh, and as a PS - Wee is attending "summer camp" (aka daycare) at the Early Intervention Preschool he went to from age 3-5. I spoke with the director this morning and they just do not see why that school can not deal with him. She asked my permission to speak to the SpEd director about this, they love Wee there. He's not been entirely without incident there, but she said they are able to work thru every one he's had. She said he's very self-aware and can explain his problem to them, and they have always been able to see the progression of his logic and understand "his side", and then work thru it. If only they could do that at school. :-(
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    At least there is hope. I hope it does not get squashed. Fingers crossed!
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    Saying a prayer this helps a lot. I love that the daycare center wants to talk to the Special Education director!
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    It sounds like someone official is finally on Wee's side. I'm so glad for you both!