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    I refused to withdraw the request for a meeting yet this year, but did agree to meet regarding ESY only this week.

    Here is SpEd Dir's response...

    "SpEd Teacher and I will be meeting with you on XXXXX at 3:30 p.m. We are trying to make aid available too. I have asked SpEd Teacher and aid to start writing down strategies, etc. that have worked with Wee this year and also get end line information regarding Wee's academics.

    For the assistive tech, we purchased the 2 software programs recommended by the AT assessment. They are loaded on the student computer in SpEd Teachers room and have been available for Wee's use for several weeks."

    (I might add that the AT assessment was done over a YEAR ago...this is the first I've heard of them purchasing anything)

    I guess this is to appease me? I dunno. I'm too tired to respond right now.

    But I do wonder if it would do any good to tell her I have absolutely no faith in their ability to handle this situation going forward if the new teacher doesn't happen to already have the abilities this one does? Or even any faith in the fact that we'd meet before the next school year started? Or even that I don't beleive they won't try to stick Wee back in mainstream again....
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    Putting him back in mainstream is a change of placement. If you refuse to agree, they would have to take you to Due Process and win before they could do it.