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    Even with a note from his psychiatrist that he is fit for work with no restrictions the work's evaluator says easy child/difficult child needs to see his indivitual therapist 2 more times before he can resume working and that he might not be returning to his previous position.

    easy child/difficult child sees his therapist tomorrow and I just called to schedule another appointment. They said they cannot schedule his second visit till after tomorrows but that they think they will be able to squeek easy child/difficult child in before FML is up on the 28th. I have two calls in to the benifits counselor (yesterday morning and today)because we have to submit paperwork by tomorrow to extend the medical leave and I do not know if I should do this. She has not returned either call. By law if my son does not return at the end of his leave he can be legally fired. He has so many bills and needs to work. This is all so very stressful.

    I think I am going to call the ADA advisor again and ask her if easy child/difficult child should just return to work with his psychiatrist's note on last day of leave regardless of the recommenations work's evaluator makes. Just let the employer decide if they are going to let him work or not. That way it will clearly be a employer's decision not my easy child/difficult child's. If they do not let him work I will have a letter to that extent for them to sign. Then if any funny business happens I will just turn it over to the EEOC.