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    Hi All,

    husband and I went for the briefing of the psychiatric testing results, a written report will follow in a week or so. I came prepared to take notes, though I took not note. OK so for the results.

    psychiatrist said all of the tests showed little issues when looked at alone, but putting them all together and we have something to talk abou.

    difficult child has some social and verbal comprehensive issues, not enough to call it anything but this made sense to us. The example we used is easy child knows when husband and i are in a private semi important conversation and will hold back asking us if she can play on the computer until we are done, but difficult child doesnt care, he just interupts, and needs his needs met asap with no excuses.

    He had some other issues of when answering questions, like why does a police officer where a uniform, he answer so people know who they are and so they dont get shot.....he got it right with the first part but the so he doesnt get shot part made him get the question wrong. he did that with most of the questions, he gave too much info and the too much part wasnt right so he didnt get too many poinst for those. :(

    he didnt too well with the pictures of shapes that were missing a portion of it he couldnt match what it should be.

    One of these tests should ADHD, not surprised here, not that I thought he showed signs of it, just kinda knew they were going to tell me that.

    Another test, along with my test, and psychiatrists observation showed that he is significantly depressed. she was throwing numbers out and 40-60 was average, 60-80 was at risk and 80-100 was significant, he was 106.

    lots of other stuff too but I forgot it all, hoping the report will fill in the blanks. SHe did not reccomend medications for the ADHD, said they dont work for kids under 7 years old. I dont know what to do know. she said to continue with social worker and said to call her if we had any questions. I walked out of there saying my kid is really depressed, know what? I feel CONFUSED, relieved, confused, lost, frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, actually a whole mess of emotions are running wild in my brain.

    ugh, lunch time, gotta go unwind for a bit.

    thanks for listening
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    Depression in a kid that young is most likely either a mis-diagnosis, OR the tests missed other significant stuff and the depression is secondary (from not being able to cope).
    My vote would be for the second scenario.

    Remind me - has this kid ever had Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) evaluation or Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation?
    Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) would be checking for hearing, language processing, and auditory processing issues. Might be a bit young for testing that yet.
    Occupational Therapist (OT) would be checking for sensory and motor skills issues. DEFINITELY not too young for that one.
    psychiatric testing would NOT be looking at either of these.
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    Take some time to process the information. Talk with your husband about it. Try to observe your son with the new info in hand. Then, get back to the doctor with ANY questions that remain (ie: why is he depressed?). IIt is a process and it takes time.
    Talk to the social worker about the results and ask her opinion as well.
    Keep us posted.
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    Children can be depressed. I was VERY depressed. I even thought about suicide. It really wasn't based on anything that was going on in my was just me. I've fought depression all of my life. I'm not saying that the neuropsychologist got everything spot on because younger kids are hard to pin down and often get new diagnoses as they grow up and it is easier for them to explain themselves. But don't discount it. Along with depression comes anger (sometimes) and an inability to concentrate well or do well with friends or schoolwork.
    I'd go easy on the medications at his age though. I'm glad they didn't give him stimulants. They can make depression worse. They made me get high then crash and, in the end, started a looooooooong depression that I couldn't shake.
    Keep us posted!