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    You've done your job Ladies! All the warm thoughts, prayers, beads did something. I hope it's a permanent something and not a case of hide and seek but the "lesion" is gone! Yes GONE! She's going to do another ultrasound in 2 months to keep tabs on me and then another after that because she is not 100% convinced something that large can just disappear into thin air. On the plus side additionally though is the CA125 came back NORMAL! :) So all's good so far.

    However....... What prompted the original CAT scan that brought me to the point I was at (looking for/at a supposed tiny hernia that I hadn't heard anything about at the appointment when this popped up) IS there and it's not tiny. It is large enough and has a "hole" (not sure exactly what that means at the moment) at the top near my liver where my liver is actually able to push into it. So the lump I told them about originally in my stomach that went from belly button to at least 6" up stomach is the hernia.

    She is referring me to 1 of the surgeons in that practice (a different "group" then where I went before) since I was treated so horribly and dismissed by the original general surgeon. Then we'll know what we will or won't, can or can't do about this hernia. If it's that big and my liver is able to push into or get through this "hole' (what ever the heck it is or means) then that's a problem. It's still going to come down inevitably to whether my heart will be able to handle the surgery. At least it's not a dire situation I'm looking at for the moment. Uncomfortable yes, but not dire. I'll take it! :)

    Thanks once again for all the thoughts and prayers.......
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    Wonderful news! I'm so glad that at least this part is resolved, and will hold good thoughts for seeing the next part of this through safely.
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    GREAT NEWS! I am so relieved for you. Now hoping for good news from the surgeon - whatever that may be!
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    I'm so incredibly relieved for you!
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    Good news!
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    When I came to this forum this morning, I was so happy to see a smiley next to your thread! I knew it was good news! Hugs!!

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    What a relief! I have a feeling the tests were misread. How could they go from 1.5 cm to 5.1? And now it's gone! I'm just sorry that you had to go through your vacation with that hanging over you and your family. I am really happy for you. Now to get through this surgery and on to feeling better!
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    What a relief! Now we're going to work on that hernia of yours! So happy for you, sweetie!
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    What a relief! So happy for you. A great way to start the weekend.
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    Your post has put a smiley on my facey..........LOL. Hugs DDD
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    I am so happy to hear the good news. I hope that they get the other problem resolved.