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    OK, I have only tasted ribs a couple times at restaurants and was not crazy about them.

    boyfriend and I made them at home yesterday. OMG - they were so incredibly tasty!
    We made a wet rub and a dry rub and fixed them up on Saturday to sit overnight.
    Sunday mid afternoon we put them into the oven a wire rack on the pizza stone covered in foil - with some loose tea on the bottom of the pan. This created a smoked flavor. About 30 minutes later we added apple juice to the loose tea and let cook for 2 hours.
    Put under broiler for 15 minutes turning half way through.

    THEY WERE INCREDIBLE! Fell off the bone. Were so tasty I preferred them without the Masterpiece BBQ that boyfriend liked.

    This recipe came from Cook's Kitchen cook book. boyfriend likes to watch cooking shows and he saw this show and asked for the cookbook last year.

    My garlic mashed were awesome! The cornbread is not one of my favorite things, but the taste went with the meal. Bakes beans, I could give or take. Put them all together and what a feast we had!

    :spaghetti: :spaghetti:
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    My mouth is salvating...sounds delicious!
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    why can I smell ribs. Sounds nummy.