Richmond, Va psychiatrist recommendations please

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pigless in VA, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. pigless in VA

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    I am having trouble getting in to the psychiatrist recommended by difficult child's therapist. Sadly, he is not taking new patients. I have a phone call in to "a local children's treatment center" but have not yet been able to speak to a human.

    Those of you who have experience with pediatric psychiatrists in my area please feel free to pm me with your thoughts. Thanks!

    When I did a computer search husband's moronic psychiatrist showed up. :grrr:
    I wouldn't take my difficult child rabbit to see that bozo. Yes, we really do have a difficult child rabbit.
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    I'll PM you
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Hey Perry,

    Do you need a psychiatrist or would a therapist do? difficult child has had a fabulous therapist he's been with since he was 4 (11 years now) and I would recommend her very, very highly. She is very well respected in the profession and in the local school systems. She attended difficult child's very first IEP meeting to review test results and make recommendations. She's wonderful!

    He also has a psychiatrist he has been seeing for about 7 years and he is good too but we've never actually done therapy with him. He really does the medications -- most of difficult child's testing was done with the fabulous psychiatrist, who specializes in boys, and she has a great list of psychiatrists.......

    My numbers are the same, if you still have them give me a ring. If not, pm me and give me yours and I'll give you a ring.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Just saw your other post down at the bottom of the forum page....he needs the psychiatrist. Touch base and I can pass on psychiatrist's info.

    By the way, difficult child had a complete assessment at the place you are waiting to hear from the summer before he started middle school. At the time, I was concerned there might be some emerging mood disorder issues and I waited an additional few weeks (in addition to the "regular") so that he could see the division chair (who I believe is also the head of the department at the medical school). She was wonderful! It would be great if you could see her (I'm sure she's listed on the website, Dr. S**d).

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    Just sending hugs and good wishes. I'm over an hr away and I'm guessing you've got some good doctors up there but just need to keep up the search.
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    I dont have a I wish I had a working relationship with my step-sister so I could call her and ask her to help but I dont even know if I am considered family anymore.