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call 911........call 911
Hi family,

Sorry about the hiatus. Catch you up in a short paragraph? Done!

16, at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (Life is good), mouths off to bigger peer, peer breaks jaw. Surgery, recovery (I am NOT a nurse) an ring the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) back for placement and it was the Jesus saga (No room at the inn) so he stays with me. Goes to school, gets good grades, argues BUT manageable. Then gets in with a bad element, gets goaded into being the lookout man for 3 robberies. Cops come to my home, ask for "loot" I give it to them, son eats a bottle of tylenol, more cops, ambulance, lights my yard up like a dad-gum circus. Boy is fine, faked the suicide, cops go to psychiatric ward, arrest boy. Boy does 90 days at the State Recreational B&B, I have a heart attack and a stroke (no really) Caseworker looking for placement. Judge moves hearing up, remands boy to OUR custody (BUT YOUR HONOR I DON'T WANT HIM AT MY HOUSE) Judge says "If you don't take him I'll put him back in Department of Juvenile Justice"...I waved goodbye and almost got found in contempt of court. Kid comes home, I cry all the way there. It's been 2 weeks....

My hair is falling out, I cry myself to sleep, I'm stuck somewhere between GET OUT NOW (sounds like the demon in the exorcist) and packing his crap in Hefty bags and throwing them from the porch like they do in the Scottish games with the 14 pound stone (See Braveheart for exact instructions on throwing)
OH did I mention? He's been here 19 days and for 9 of those I couldn't keep anything down, lost 14 lbs. and DID get to stay at the hospital? His reaction? "Mom is in the hospital? OH....can I go ride my bike and.....(classic)can I get a buck or two to ride up to the store for a soda, I'm thirsty!" (hence the "Loan" ranger)

Therapist says I have a sociopath living with me. I say Better than his old man...he is a psychopath. Therapist is weeding out clients I'm sure I'll be getting a letter that the practice is moving to Tibet or closing soon. Sigh.....

And you wondered why I didn't write? (Pshaw)

Just wondered how all of you are..

Hugs and Hugs
The Loan Ranger
- And Tonto? I think he is about to go back to his people.

yeah you know who this is even IF I wear a mask of indifference. ha. (snort)


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He is 17 now!?!?!?!

Robbery?? Ugh!

You need to take care of yourself. Does he have a job? Anything normal? School?

Hound dog

Nana's are Beautiful
I agree. Get him out asap!

I'd be on the phone night and day til I found someone who'd take him!!!




call 911........call 911
Oh Summer in the South of France was WONDERFUL, so was sailing around S. America, dancing till dawn like a freak, unlimited budget, a new Lexus. Well it was fun for SOMEONE, but that someone wasn't me.

Anything normal. NO. He is too old for 9th grade (Thank you stupid school system for not knowing Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s do NOT have accredited schools) so he is going to go for a GED. I left the phone book and told him where to call for his GED info., school, mental health. If I wrote and told you some of the things he's done since he's been home? I dont' know that anyone would be in shock, but lets say he's put quite a new twist on hyper-sexual.

Get him out? Yes! Out is where we want him so we can have the Precious. Problem is he's got quite a reputation, and when the powers that be have called places, his reputation preceeded him and he's been turned down. PRAYING a group home far far away from here with 2 60 ish parents, 5 boy maximum and in the middle of a valley will take him - word today was "Maybe" Monday, Wed or Thursday of next week. Want to know the Kicker? THE social worker and his organization thought that if we kept him at home we would "mend" and work it out. I'd like to work it out....of him,....with a 2x4 and a bullwhip. Poor DF, he's still here and hanging on by a thread.

So if you see a woman sitting in the corner, doing the beebrr bee brrrr with her lips, twisting long dark hair in a finge and curled up in a fetal position? It's me! Wheee.

Nice huh? 43 and ALL this experience to guide me - I'm running away WITH SCISSOR!!!



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TLR, nice to see you again. So...what 'r yer tryin' to do? Don't you have any contact with Department of Juvenile Justice or DCF or any three letter acronym that can help you? I'm sure praying that this one lead you've got workin' will pay off and Stardude will be outta your hair. How blankin' frustrating the system is.


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Have we met?? I feel like I should know you.

Your life sounds like a day at a theme park. (I hate theme parks!) OMG......how awful for you! What does the "system" think they are doing? It sounds like a never-ending nightmare.


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Hi Star. I was so hoping that everything was going well after the broken jaw and DF's teeth were taken care of. :hammer: So sorry this is happening and your health has taken such a terrible turn for the worse. Fingers crossed, candles lit and prayers said that the possible placement comes through. :angel:


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Hi there lady!


Great to see you back but I was hoping the news would be better. Just think though, every day that goes by, he's that much closer to being 18! Have you considered waiting until he goes out some day, then quickly pack your stuff and MOVE before he gets back??? You could leave a note that the aliens have abducted you! Seriously ... take care of yourself, please.

On a side note, did you know that I am still finding tiny little paper snowflakes all around my desk?? :smile:


:salute: Good to see you back. Sorry to hear you're having so much fun.....not.



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Any chance you could sneak away and move without him? I'm serious.

The social worker sounds like a total dork. Thought it would work itself out. I just find that hard to believe! No one is that stupid! Unless SW didn't read the file?


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Hi Star! It's good to hear from you. I missed your sense of humor. I see that you still have it.

I hope that Stardude is placed quickly.

Stick around.



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TLR...found my favorite Christmas card the other day. It was the one you drew of the donkey about 3 years ago. It's one of my most treasured possessions and it made me wonder how all was going for you. I was hoping for much better, but now I just will say a prayer you and DF keep it all together and stay well and safe until Stardude is 18. How much longer? I'm sure you've checked the laws in your state, and as in most they have to be 18, but maybe there is someway, somehow you can get him out before 18. I'll keep all body parts crossed that there is somewhere that will take him soon.

Take care of you (and DF), my friend!



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I was about to post about the horrible week I've had. After reading your post, I've decided my week wasn't all that horrible (and it did involve an explosion, a fire, and property damage). As a matter of fact, mine now seems like a minor annoyance compared to yours. It's good to see you, as always, but I'm really sorry things have turned out the way they have for you and Stardude (alias Falling Star).

Pam R

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I've missed you and your posts and was wondering how you were. Forever the optimist here and was hoping things had gone well and you had a put it all behind you.

So deeply sorry it's taken such a turn for the worst. I hope the placement next week comes through.

Lots of hugs back.

Pam R.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Star, you had a much more ummm, exciting summer than me!!! I was wondering how the Jaw and progress went as well. Sounds like it has been WONDERFUL!!!
You need and award for not kicking him to the curb... and changing the locks!!!

Glad to see you and thankd for the update!!!


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once again...the award for the most conduct disordered home du jour goes to our own beloved...lady on the pink tractor. sigh.


call 911........call 911
And here I thought I would NEVER win a prize~!
Good to see all of you too.

I spent so little time on the computer that I lost my hotmail account, and when I came back to the board it says "Starbie" is in use. So I figured I had to get a new name...I like Star better, but have NO idea how to get it back.

I wonder if the real Lone Ranger ever had to be the Loan Ranger.

The things I ponder.


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I'm so sorry to hear about all the stress in your life, but I do have to admit that at a time I really needed it, you did give me a great chuckle. You have a wonderful sense of humor and I'm sure that does help you survive all of this.


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You'll always be Starbie to me. :grin:

No one else on the board likes puns like you and me.:rofl: