Ripples In The Pond

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    People's lives touch so many more lives some they know about others they don't in both good and bad ways.

    I've seen this happen so many times. There is much truth in the "ripples in the pond effect".

    The neurologist that accidentally discovered Travis's optic nerves are damaged, thus explaining the continual vision loss throughout his childhood that the opthomologist was so frustrated over.

    The neurologist we stumbled upon that specialized in Tourettes and Autism spectrum that finally gave Travis is dxes. Same neuro who's neuropysch also diagnosed Nichole's dyslexia when no one else would listen test her for it.

    The neurologist that listened and could think outside the box enough to perform the blood tests that diagnosed the polycythemia.

    I could make a long long list.

    Well, as it turns out, my ASL instructor does translating for the deaf/blind. And I've been toying in my mind about talking with her about Travis and his vision and how the boy is stuck. He doesn't want SS but he can't work enough to support himself. He can't work for the job he was trained for because the state won't modify the test to adapt it for his other disabilities.

    It's hard to tell, but I think Travis' vision has deteriorated even more. When he got his white cane the Occupational Therapist (OT) they sent to train him said that at some point Travis would need to go to the school for the blind to be retrained. I wouldn't even know how to go about doing it if or when it becomes necessary. And I've thought about that since the Occupational Therapist (OT) told me that.

    So along comes my ASL instructor. The translators for deaf/blind aren't numerous. It's not an easy thing to do. And yet here she is teaching in a small community college out in the middle of basically nowhere. But I've been thinking with all of her blind clients (many who went blind as adults) she may know many resources ect that I have no clue about. As well as how to tap into those resources.

    Travis has been stagnating for the past several years. His quality of life is going down, not up.

    So I'm thinking about staying after class one day and just talking to her a bit. It's possible it could be another "ripple in the pond" opportunity. And I've learned to watch for them over the years.

    Plus Travis doing without glasses these past months has run the fact home to him that he is indeed blind. Something I've never been really able to convince him of. Maybe he would be less resistant now to use other resources, and maybe possible re-training, to help him become the independent "normalish" adult he wants so very much to be.

    Not sure where this post was going.......was just sort of thinking out loud as I have ASL this afternoon......
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    I hope she has great resources for Travis. I thought you were going to end up saying that she was related to the neuro, LOL.
  3. mrscatinthehat

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    I hope some good ripples come from this.

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    I often think about the way our lives intertwine. Years ago I read a book, can't recall the name, which discussed how there are no coincidences, and people come in and out of our lives and we need to be looking for reasons. For example, I recently ran into an old student three times in one week, whom I haven't seen in years. Found out she is currently working with the county D and A Abuse program. I don't know why I need to know that, but I know that a reason will probably show up.
  5. Star*

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    I think a lot of times that we have angels in our midst that while maybe can not interfere in free will - often get a little tongue in cheek and push us towards each other for help or comfort, laughter, or just a breath when we have nothing left.

    How many times have you been somewhere and "out of no where" a freakish thing happens and helps? I have to believe that I have angels around me that continually just look to see if someone up above is looking and then "oops" factor my help. My angel probably looks like Urkel and says "Did I do that?"

    I'm glad you have been given this opportunity - freakish or not - it's there and to not take advantage of the help for Travis would be the tragedy - You're an AWESOME Mom Lisa!

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    Lisa - I have no idea if you know about this facility, but thought it may be worth a try for Travis. I live about 2 miles down the street from it, knew someone that worked there for many years. I also see many of their clients "out and about" in the neighborhood while learning to live on their own or with their supports.
  7. Hound dog

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    Wow, Skeeter thanks so much! This might be a huge help to Travis! I'll contact them. :D :D :D