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    ...but I just have to say how well difficult child is doing!!! He has been on Trileptal for just over two months and the past month has been the best we've had in a long, long time. The chronic irritability is GONE! He is a happy, chatty little boy. Things aren't perfect--still some outbursts here and there--but the change is dramatic. He's not hurting his sister, dad, and me on a daily basis and he's not threatening us anymore. He even spontaneousy crawls in my lap to talk and cuddle! I have missed that so much.

    And, he got his new aide three weeks ago. He missed his former aide a lot for the first week or so, but he has adjusted well to the new aide. She is very kind and is a good fit with difficult child. Both of them seem happy together.

    On the downside, though, his tics have gotten bad again. I swear there is a seasonal element to the tics. They get bad every year from about January to May.
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    I am glad to hear you've seen improvement. That is such a relief. The tics are something we see here with manster as well. I haven't seen rhyme or reason to them,

    no particular trigger that i can see. I hope you continue to see positive trends. Hugs, ML
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    Yahooooo! That's great to hear! We're getting good results (knock on wood) with a mood stabilizer for difficult child 1 as well. Same changes you've seen. I could've written this post!

    I hope the tics don't get any worse, and that his stability continues!
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    Great news!!!! We can hear your happiness in the post!

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