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    My DS was put on Risperdal about 4 weeks ago (.25mg). I guess this is supposed to be helping his "impulsivity " according to the P-DR. By impulsivity I'm assuming he means his violent rages...my choice was to address the rages or the possible ADHD, obviously I chose the rages.

    My question is how long does it usually start to work. It's been 4 weeks and there's no change is his behavior or attitude. He's supposed to see his P-DR on 4/12, so not too long, but I'm just curious if my expectations are out of wack for thinking I should be seeing some improvements by this point.
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    No, it's not out of whack! You should be seeing a change HOWEVER, your psychiatrist seems to be doing the right thing by starting at the very lowest level and working his way up. .25 mgs is pretty much a low dose. It also depends on what may be fueling the rages. If they're based on anxiety, ap's won't really touch it. Now, I'm not a doctor (nor have I ever played one on tv! lol!), but it seems that he's going to approach medications cautiously...and I know it's hard, but try and have patience. As the dosages increase, it might be wise to keep some sort of record as to what behaviors seem to be slowing down and any that may increase. There's no exact science to helping our kids, whether it be via medications or therapy, so unfortunately, it comes down to trial and error.

    Huge hugs...I know this is all really frustrating!

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    Thanks, he is very cautious and he also is very adamant that medications are only a support to behavioral therapy (which isn't going very well). His preschool gave him the BASC-2 test and so I'll have that to take with me when we go back (he tested way high on a lot of areas :( ). It's just hard to be spending all this time in therapy and giving him these medications when none of it is doing much to help. I will say that the behavioral therapy has helped a little. So it's not a total waste.
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    My daughter started at the age of 3 on Risperdal with .25 mg in the morning and .25 at night. I call it the miracle drug!! It gave us our little girl back. She is like night and day difference on it and it started right from the start with the very first dose. So no it shouldn't take 4 weeks to make a change. I know your appointment is this week but after that if you don't notice a change within a week, I recommend you call your doctor and go back in and have it adjusted again. You will be amazed at the affect this drug has on your child and your quality of life.

    We have had to readjust her medications so now she is 6 and takes .5mg in the morning ande .5 mg at night. She also takes clonidine at night to help with sleeping because otherwise she doesn't sleep.

    good Luck.
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    Welcome to the group Newdawning! It's a great bunch...feel free to post away, ask questions, lean on shoulders and whatever other support you may need!

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    Thanks everyone, we bumped him from .25mg to 1mg. I have to titrate him up of course, but it's something. His p-dr was really nice this time (problem because DS was nicer/more respectful). So hopefully this helps. husband is impaitent, it's too bad the only day they see private insurance paitents is Tuesday mornings, husband could never get off to go with me.