Rob had an accident - Fran's update on Suz and Rob

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by tiredmommy, Aug 23, 2009.

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    There's an update in the WC thread.
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    (From Fran's Post on the Watercooler)

    I just got off the phone with our Suz.
    She and ex are staying at a hotel near the hospital.
    Rob started to rally enough that they extubated him. Suz squeezed his hand and said "hi Rob". He opened his one good eye, squeezed her hand and said "hi mama". Needless to say Suz melted with relief. Best squeeze she ever had.
    He is still not himself but he is moving around, trying to eat, not peeing in a tube and will be out of ICU tonight.
    He doesn't remember anything. Cussing like a sailor. Suz is hoping that maybe there was some sense knocked into him. LOL. (just joking)

    Suz wanted me to tell everyone how important it is to her to have all of you behind her. Words can not describe her gratitude and appreciation. I'm sure she will tell you herself when she is on line. I relayed the messages I have gotten because I know how powerful all of your words are in a time like this.

    It's too soon to know what the end result will be but at this point he seems medically stable. I'll let you know more as it is shared with me.
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    Thanks Witz. I'm going to ask that everyone keep responding to the threads in the WC because this leaves fewer threads for Suz to read if she gets a moment to come online. I'll do my best to continue posting links, when there are updates, to the thread I started in PE yesterday.
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    Sure. Maybe we can make this a sticky, or something that redirects people to the WC? I'm just so used to looking for Suz here...
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    Yep... I've put both links in this thread, I'll post any additional links to the PE crowd here.
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    I combined these 2 threads about Suz's Rob and stuck them to the top of the forum.

    Thank you.

    ---Oooops, sorry tiredmommy...

    It looks like we were working on this thread at the exact same time.
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