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    Just wondering how things are going!

    Update when you can.
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    Just got home. I should say WE ALL got home. Apparently detention is quite full, no room, nothing more the court can do at this point. The judge did order the psychiatric evaluation, for which I made an appointment this morning - we go at 2pm.

    Unfortunately, the psychiatrist is out-of-town until Monday, so unless the psychiatric dept at the hospital has magically become more savvy in the last two years, difficult child will likely be home at least until Monday. Three days. Not sure we can hack it. However, the psychiatrist's office told me to push for inpatient, and it might work.

    I also spoke to our ins. this morning, and we're covered pretty darn well. $1800 max. out-of-pocket. So that's something.

    The ride home was interesting. difficult child said he'd apologize to the doctor when he next saw him, for skipping two appts. No apology to us, of course. Also said next time he wanted a lawyer - I told him he was free to retain one. He asked if the psychiatric evaluation showed nothing, would I drop it, and I said sure.

    Right now he's waiting for the friend he stayed with to bring him his stuff, and to go pick up his phone and the rest of his stuff. Told him to be back by 1:30 for the appointment. He said he would.

    Honestly, part of me hopes he keeps going....
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    Ugh...was hoping for more, but...

    I hope he shows up at 130.

    I guess if they psychiatric evaluation shows nothing, you can drop it all and he can figure it out. Guess if he doesn't show up at 130, you can do the same thing.

    How long til he's actually 18?
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    8 months and 21 days

    Too long.

    Here we've lived like we're in Fort Knox for weeks, now he's INSIDE. Ugh. Crud. My breaking point is getting closer and closer....

    Interestingly enough, I just looked at the diagnosis letter the psychiatrist faxed over:

    Conduct Disorder
    BiPolar Disorder

    Now, there's a new twist....
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    That diagnosis should be the biggest help to you and for difficult child. I doubt a psychiatric who works for the courts will try to over-ride or contradict that. Usually they just talk a few mins then write down what the more qualified psychiatrist already diagnosis'd when a psychiatric disorder is involved, at least here.
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    So we went, we saw, we were talked to, and....

    Nothing. Not a damn thing. I am furious.

    Okay, I'm down about half a beer right now and have calmed down a bit. Thought I'd collapse before I got out of the parking lot, but I rallied.

    The girl talked to difficult child for 10 minutes, then me - with difficult child present - for 10 minutes. And called the psychiatrist on call, who said to wait for our psychiatrist to come back on Monday.


    THEN - I called the psychiatrist office, and the gal called in some Risperdal for the weekend. But she called in .1 instead of .5. Holy cow, WHO takes .1 of ANYTHING?? And, two hours later, the pharm still hadn't figured this out or gotten a return call. Sheesh. Thankfully, they gave us 3 pills for the weekend, and difficult child took one the second we got home.

    Went to a craft store too, PC12 wanted a project, a diorama, and difficult child said the judge told him to keep busy, so he wanted one too. He picked up some stuff to make lanyards, fine by me, and since then has asked about Internet, borrowed easy child's phone, tried to get online, and decided he wants to be a firefighter and get his EMT, etc., etc.

    I need more beer.
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