Rock-a-bye (Oh my, my!)

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    Or does Star need to continue with this all out cyber shower in a big way?:DToday was the day wasn't it?
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    Well maybe I better break out the hand held fans.......:pouting:
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    Inquiring minds want to know...
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    Yeah, huh huh?
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    Well, you're going to be a pack of new Aunties and Uncles! I saw and heard the heartbeat and he guestimates me at about 6 weeks along.

    You guys are the ONLY ones to know so don't tell my family or difficult child's.

    You ALL have to keep something in mind (the OB said to tell you) that since I'm 44, am a type 1 diabetic, have had 3 C-sections and a miscarriage last year, that the possibility of miscarriage is very very high until the 12th week. He wants to see me every 2 weeks until then. We have to monitor the diabetes throughout. With my daughter, I developed pre-eclampsia that no one noticed until things got really messy, so he'll be on the lookout for that too.

    They didn't notice because they usually check your ankles for water retention, but unfortunately, my ankles don't swell, my upper shins do. I was having a "non-stress" test done, had my left leg crossed over my right and when I moved it, there was a 1 inch "dent" in the shin. A nurse happened to be walking by and almost had a stroke.

    Needless to say, they delivered early! lol She was in so much fluid that when the doctor came to see me, he said "you did it again, what a beautiful baby" and I said "are we looking at the same baby? Well, maybe she'll have a great personality" (I was pretty wasted from the general they ended up giving me!). He told me I was evil!

    Anyway, I'm getting used to the idea. God has something planned, and who am I to ask?

    Any extra prayers, insights, sanity would be greatly appreciated. We're basically going to be starting from scratch (I had all 3 of the others in 3 years, so all that survived was the crib - after #3 we only kept the crib and the high chair).

    As you know, I believe throwing away the high chair is what made me get pregnant!

    I think the funniest thus far was the doctor, he smiled, shook his head and said "Beth, how did this happen" and I said "you're asking me? You're the doctor! NOW I'm getting nervous"!

    This is going to be one loooong, strange trip!

    Love you guys!

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    Praying for a safe, easy and comfortable pregnancy and a beautiful, all-over-healthy baby!

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    See new thread! lol!

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    Ditto Lothlorien!

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    I'm so happy for you! I'm a pediatrician nurse and former foster mom of newborns. I Love Babies!! At 46, I'd be thrilled but scared if I was pregnant!

    I'll be praying for you these next 8 months! Congrats again!!

    PS How does hubby feel??
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    I'll go ahead an merge the two threads.
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    He's being an extremely supportive train-wreck if you will!

    After 3 was born, the Dr. told us to knock it off because he was getting nervous about the elasticity and possible "windowing" in the uterus. We had 3 in just under 3 years. If I didn't come home with a baby every year, I would have bet that I had the gestation of an Orca!

    He was fantastic during the miscarriage, but it really scared the bejesus out of him.

    So he made me ask the Dr. if my life was at risk at all. Otherwise, he'd have a stroke so that I'd have to be responsible for setting the kids up with relatives!lol!! :rofl:

    The doctor said I was fine, so don't get too uptight.

    He's dealing, he's dealing!

    Thanks for asking!

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    Beth - congratulations!! Will be keeping fingers, toes, and everything else crossed that baby and you stay healthy! Glad the little tadpole has a healthy heartbeat!

    by the way, I *love* your sense of humor!!! You're going to do just fine in my book!!!
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    Congrats again with the new soon to be bundle of joy. And I'm gonna pray this is a worry free pregnancy for you.

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    I'm so glad she asked! I've been wondering. Congrats!
  15. Marguerite

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    Wow! Congratulations! I was fairly sure you were, from the early description of your symptoms.

    I was 39 when I was pregnant with difficult child 3; he was also a big surprise. You're only five years older. There were some things I found more difficult, but that was probably because of my muscle weakness problems. And we had given away the high chair. I never missed it, though. I used various chair thingies etc to put him in to feed him, including a small stroller inside the house. When he was tiny the stroller was tipped to recline, like a baby capsule. I could use the stroller to help me bathe him - I would undress him and wrap him in a towel in the stroller, wheel him to the bathroom, undress myself and then have a bath or shower while holding the (naked) baby. Once the baby was washed I would put him back in the towel-lined stroller and wrap him up to keep warm while I finished washing and dressing myself.

    Sometimes while bathing him I would also give him his breastfeed - in the tub! Nothing beats a good skin cuddle with a baby in a warm bathtub.

    I found as an older mum I was much more relaxed about how I did things; as a result I think I coped better than many thought I would.

    I hope it all goes well for you.

  16. hearts and roses

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    Beth! Congratulations~I also had been wondering.

    You've got a great attitude and sound ready. I will pray that all of you, baby and H included, have a healthy, happy and easy pregnancy. Yippee! (of course, it's much more exciting because it's you and not me! - lol).:tongue:
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    Oh MY is right! Imagine my surprise when I log in this morning and see the title changed on my thread (my name) and I know I didn't do it! LOL I was like huh, what? Ok, I know I lost my marbles but I am not that bad off. Whoa!

    Well NVTS, all I can say is I hear you loud and clear and can definitely sit tight with you on this one. I will keep you in thoughts. This is my story, not told often.

    My very first pregnancy ended in a 36 week full term totally silent placenta abruption (meaning no signs, symptoms or bleeding). They made me go through the full on labor and delivery rather then c-section to take the baby. I was young then and I "think" they said it was best for me if they did this for a bunch of reasons, partly because it "helps the mom make it real" that they baby didn't survive. Ok, what ever. Everyone thought it cruel they could force this upon me (there is more horror to this story but I'll leave it at this alone).

    So then I went through another pregnancy that ended in miscarraige, again silent. I had my first difficult child after 4 years. Needless to say family and myself had very high anxiety the whole time. She came naturally.

    Then tempting the hand of fate a few more times (when some might have stopped) I miscarried again. It was usually about 16-22 weeks we found out about the loss but the baby actually had died before then. Don't ask me why they never picked it up before.

    This brings me to difficult child #1 and #2 back to back after those loses (if you all have kept count now the total pregancy count is 10 -a set of twins were lost). I finally found a paranathologist who specialized in high risk pregnancies and she had a thought as to what the problem maybe and we put in place several things.

    First I had to take injections of heparin daily (twice , if I recall as memory is not good, it was 20,000 units), take antibotics, baby aspirin, the first time round I had to also take some progesterone (all the losses were little boys), second time not.

    With difficult child #1 the paranathologist wanted to stay on top of things so she ultrasounded me routinely starting at 14 weeks. EVERY single week I had an ultrasound done! (still have the pictures too) She wanted to make sure she didn't miss a thing should it happen. (this is my child who turned out to have orthopedic issues as well and we picked it up at 16 weeks!)

    Thanks to her I now have 2 more children. I hadn't "really" planned on difficult child#3 (maybe board members recall that one). I am soooooooooo happy however that I do have HIM though now. I would go through all of it all over again if I could (tubes tied now and actually am sad about it now that am divorced). I finally have a little boy after all these years and he is the light of my life. ALL my difficult child's truly are but he is "special" in his own way, for many ways actually. He was a product of board aunties too! :)

    I shared all this with you so you can understand I DO understand concerns and I'm right there with you. In thoughts. Wishing you the best and hoping you cherish every moment this time around.

  18. 4sumrzn

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    Sending thoughts & prayers for a happy & healthy pregnancy!!!!!!!!
  19. So Tired

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    We're so excited for you!!!!
  20. witzend

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    Well, if you have another C-Section, you can always ask him to do an extra little snip snip sew sew while he's in there. Unless you're planning for more? ;)

    Congratulations, Beth. And stay healthy and safe!