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    So first they called and said difficult child wanted to talk to me. He talked for 25 minutes, in fact, the phone disconnected and he called back. He was wondering about a pass to go the mall next door to hospital because he took a flyer from the restaurant we went to that said they had a bouncy house, face painting etc. I explained that doctor said only therpeutic passes and explained what that meant... he said ok then asked me about four more times. I gave the same answer hoping he wouldn't blow. Then he asked about Halloween, knew that was gonna be an issue.. I again said maybe not since it is not therapy. He got a little upset but I said we will talk to dr. on Monday (I am wondering since his therapeutic hb riding teacher said she would let him go on horseback if we can swing it but wont tell difficult child that!)... I told him we can have a plan B and his cousins can get him candy, he said no he wanted to go. I said I was sure they would do something there too. (he would hate to miss a party so if they say they are having a party it will be fine) . He asked for hair paint (green is his obsessive color) and for a costume but NOT from the thrift store (one of his blow ups was that I said we have to be careful with money and we can look at the thrift store, he remembers we found a nascar outfit at party city one year and is locked in on that). Oh my, it was an exhausting conversation....

    Then he said, you know I like it here. I said I know. I said but kids can't live there. So we have to think about the fun things you like at home too. Your friends really miss you. He said, but if I play with them you can't watch. I said that is not happening because people are a little nervous now after you threw rocks and hit. They understand but want mommy to protect you (and them-didn't say that). I had to be honest because he will throw a fit if I say I wont watch every second then do it. He said, well I will just run awayto the bushes again and then I can come back here. I KNEW he was gonna say that at some point. He said this is what happens when kids go home and are bad. I said, well no, the kids who come back are coming back because they are still working on the medicine they take. That is not a place for "bad" kids it is for kids who are sick and their medications are not working so they need help so they can control their behaviors. He said well the ambulance will just come again, I said no...not if it is not for medicine reasons. And the doctor says your medicine is good now(huge lie again, sorry guys). I am trying to head off any learned behavior here. Lord help us.

    so nurse gets on and says well....he is REALLY hyper. (really? remember they are doing the medication test, no medications for a few hours) She was not complaining just verifying what we expected. She said transitions between activities are the WORST, same as at school. Same as at home, that's why I can't say if you dont behave we wont go...we would go NOWHERE. I always know he will calm down (my sister times it and laughs because it is so predictable). Our family accepts it is part of him. we do all the prep stuff and that does help but the movement of going from a to b is still an issue.

    He grabbed their computer screen and turned it which pulls wires out...imagine all that medication. data! so he had to go to room for 10 and he said sorry etc. He is doing cartwheels down the hall, yelling that he is hyper etc. I dont think he knows he didn't get them because he takes them in one big handful (his routine, again, I know not too good) but he might know. I have never heard him call himself hyper before...have a feeling it is a new word from there. I dont use it much, certainly not around him. Usually say he needs to be calmer, go to green etc. I think this shift is going to be REALLY happy half hour after they give the concerta.

    They are going to call after the end of the test...will update later. so much for my nap.
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    Sounds like his communication skills are improving. I hope you can hit the hay again and catch up. Hugs. DDD
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    He might have also heard the nurse say that to you. Both of mine have "super" hearing (when they think I am talking about them). I know how you feel trying to change their mindset without a blow up. It can be very exhausting and frustrating. And the memories of these kids (at times) is absolutely amazing.
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    so at 1;20 a nurse called and said they had to do a conditional procedure....locked him up ....because he was aggressive to the nurse, took a pillow and tried to hit/fight her... they saw him rubbing his hair, scratching himself etc. as it was building. I said, yup that is what I see too. I do alot of deescalating when I see those signs first. I asked how long he had been back on the Concerta before that happened, they said he hadn't been on it yet! DUH
    I asked why since I was told only a few hours off it. And now they need to make sure they give only the first dose not the second or he will have too much in him by bedtime. (first dose is higher, second one is administered as first is ramping down then second is ramping up so they are overlapped by 6 hours if they only do the second it will not be enough and he will be in trouble all day and all he knows is he feels bad and did bad things etc.)

    Still waiting for them to call back. I think maybe (hoping) it is pretty clear that he needs those medications. I know they are high doses due to enzyme disorder issue but it is the difference between what they have called a kid they can manage and redirect pretty easily to a kid they had to put in a locked seclusion. (fortunately it was only 5 minutes, he calmed and had just taken his clonidine, then he cleaned up all the things he tossed and all the paper he ripped. ) I forgot to tell them that school has a box of paper that is his ripping box so he can use it to get his anger out. oops, can't think of everything.

    come on you guys, call me back.
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    Other kids probably say hyper too. I am laughing at the image of him doing cartwheels down the hall. I wish my stims gave me the energy to do cartwheels. That is what we are giving me the stims I do hope they do something for Halloween and I think they will. Every time Cory was in somewhere during a holiday they did something. In fact, you might want to call and ask this weekend what they are going to do. If you can swing it and they are doing a party on the unit, you might consider making little trick or treat bags for the kids on his unit. I assume there arent that many. I used to do that when Cory was away. I cant tell you how many easter baskets, halloween bags, xmas stockings etc I have made over the years.
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    would be happy to find a mystic who could transfer some of that energy to you! crazy how the stims work to calm at younger ages and increase activity when we are (ahem) older. smile! That is something I actually have been warned about, that while this works now it may stop as his brain matures because it may become more and more adgitating. they still haven't called. Just have been posting to crystal, she is in hospital with her help and they wanted to send him home! she is desperate. I feel so blessed we got help. I want that for all our difficult child's. NOthing is perfect and we all have to advocate and fight, but there has to be something available to fight for! if you can get a chance to jump over to her thread please do so.
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    well, they called back. They said they just gave him dose two which is half the dose he needs. Really at this time of day he would have dose one plus this dose as dose one is ramping down and dose one is building. I should have asked for specific times/doses. But he just said first dose would be withheld for a few hours.
    He would not be on that dose if it worked, obviously he would be on a lower dose. It is the weekend doctor and they are saying they have to follow what his doctor wrote but I think his doctor was worried if they gave him the first amount then it would be in him at bedtime. But he could take a bottle of ritalin an he doesn't stay awake, it jsut doesn't do that to him. I asked weekend doctor to call me. I dont know if they will listen.

    by the way, he went to a group and then left and is in his room sleeping. THAT says seizure to me. He never lays down. I told her to make sure you tie that to what you saw when he went after you. Especially if he complains of a headache. Poor boy. He is going to have to struggle all day because I missed that detail.

    ok more prayers...
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    That's the one thing I hate about these places on weekends. We end up having.....ahem..... idiots?? dealing with our kids. I really hope they can things figured out for him. It's times like that I cry for what my kid is going through. It must be an awful feeling to not be able to control your actions. I can't even begin to imagine and then they get penalized for acting that way. My heart breaks for him. Hope you got at least a little nap??? Take care of yourself.
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    I did but still no call from doctor, I worry they are just putting me off..... what I do if he gets first dose late is....(sometimes he sleeps in really late) he gets that dose then at hour 10 or 11 he gets prn short acting ritalin to get thru evening. If they dont want to give another concerta they can at least do ritalin every 3.5 hours (the eXACT time it leaves his body and he has a rebound!) to get him thru to bedtime. I am so sorry my boy.
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    I called hospital and they are in report now and doctor was doing rounds. I explained that I had already been waiting...I feel like that movie where the mom screams...GIVE HER THE medications!!! which movie is that where the daugher dies, Jack Nicholson is the man next door)....

    They said ten minutes.....I need to do my "blowing out the candles" thing using my relax like the kids do.

    I said I at least need to know he is okay. They said he is fine.
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    I have got to use your name because I now think of your little boy as our is it okay if I call you Dee?

    Dee, I will never forget a few years ago my therapist and I decided that I was having a really stressful time dealing with my Cory, Tony, Jamie in the Marines, just life in general so there was this new psychiatric place that opened in our town that was supposed to be really nice. We decided I would check myself in "voluntarily" so I could get some respite for myself and just relax for a few days. We did make sure that they would allow me to smoke outside before I went in. That was a big deal because I am a two pack a day smoker! We both were assured I would be allowed to go out in the courtyard anytime I wanted. We also thought there would be groups, some relaxation programs such as maybe art therapy or something like that.

    Oh heck no. This place was awful. First of all, they had these little beds that were captains beds like kids sleep on. Not even real mattresses on them. Bunky boards. I have horribly ortho issues and I knew that wasnt going to work. I asked if they could get me a hospital bed because they are actually affiliated with the hospital and are right next door and get the meals from the hospital. Nope. I would just have to live with it. Oh this wasnt going to work. Then I wasnt allowed to have my Mp3 player in my room. Huh? Why? Then they wouldnt allow me to have my pain medications that were prescribed by my doctor! Oh hell. So they have me sleeping on a slab of board with no pain medications. Now they decide to say I can only go out and smoke 3 times a day and only one cig at a time! OMG!

    Then the groups. OMG the groups. They were not held by anyone who had any information about anything psychiatric. This one CNA said she had just finished up a 2 week course in "mentally healthy" and she new now that if people heard voices that they had to be those psychos...or were they schizos? I told her do you mean psychotic? She said yeah yeah thats it. I said well psychotic doesnt mean just one diagnosis and she said oh yes it does! I said can have psychosis for many reasons...and wouldnt hear of it. Then she went off about "bipolar mainers" Not mania. Mainers. I gave up then and sat in a corner.

    That day was a Sunday and I told them that I was a voluntary admission and I was leaving. They hit the roof. Oh no I wasnt. I came in from the psychiatric ward and I couldnt go anywhere. I said the heck I did, check my chart, I signed myself in, I can sign myself out. They just went ape. They refused to let me out. I was ready to climb over the fences but they wouldnt let me out in the courtyard. I was livid. When the doctor came in the morning. Yes...they made me stay in that place all night long sitting up in the stupid bed that I couldnt sleep in.....I told that idiot doctor that I was leaving...and he threatened me that I would be leaving AMA. I said I dont care. He said they would mark it so I couldnt ever come back. I laughed at him and asked him did he really think I would ever want to come back?

    I went straight from there to my therapists office and met her going to work and she was so shocked. She told me next time we are just going to book a room at the Holiday Inn. LOL
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    That's quite a story Janet. I would opt for the Holiday in too. That is insane. The place I was in at least had hospital beds and the groups were run by tdocs and social workers. Not that they were all that great but better than you had. It's stories like that that make me MAKE myself stay sane. Especially after the way I watched them treat difficult child 1.

    Buddy, glad difficult child is "fine" whatever that means. I hope they call you soon otherwise I'm staying off the interstate!! LOL
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    Trust me one will ever get a chance to actually involuntarily place Thats why I freaked out so badly when I had to go to rehab when I had the meningitis and had to go to a physical rehab. Even that was against my will but I was so sick that I couldnt make that much of a fuss but I still was begging my family to just sneak my
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    Sending hugs to you Buddy. I think many of us who have had to use residential, even substance abuse programs, have lost our innocence. People write about the traumatic afereffects of losing your virginity, the pain of having a marriage fall apart, the horrors of unemployment and financial devestation etc....nothing is worse than the sinking feeling of realizing that you can only trust you. My heart is with you. DDD
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    That is just plain scary. Violates all patients rights. Ok not so bad here but doctor never called and nurse said he slept two hours! Then duh woke with a head ache. They said by the time try get the doctor and he comes back writes the script and they get it...bedtime. I said if anything happens you better be nice to him because this is your fault. She said he of trying to earn he could sit to watch...and I said he shouldn't have to earn anything...I'm bringing him the shrimp he asked for and cancelled visitors. So mad at myself for not covering the bases...should have asked for specific timing and doses and said not on a weekend.
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    Oh yeah..of course you can call me Dee
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    Hugs, Buddy. :)

    Janet, arg! "bipolar mainers" I definitely vote for Holiday Inn.
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    Sending warm thoughts your way. Try to take care of yourself tonight: a gossip magazine in a warm bath?
    Hope for sweet dreams for you and your big guy.
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    Well I almost had a day without tears. So by the time I got there, the nurse came out and of course there were more issues. He ended up in his room again and they didn't have to lock it but he did fall apart and he ripped papers etc. When he calmed, he cleaned was sorry, upset etc. He was so good with me, at least 4 hugs. Long real hugs. I bought hair "paint' they said he could have and since no costume, i got him halloween pj's that glow in the dark including socks! he was SOOO happy. i painted his hair green. he went to show the kids and a kid out there told him to go to his room because he makes him sick. UGG. a hotel full of difficult child's.
    He was a little shaky (the lithium I presume?) and while eating his eyes just looked hard at me and he slowed. I said what's wrong and he said I feel fake again. I said has this been happening and he said yeah but I dont want to tell them... OH difficult child! then all of a sudden his arms and legs jerked hard a few times. I asked him if he was ok and he said he didn't want to talk about it. i told him he HAD to tell the nurse. (by the way he said mom, annie is my favorite nurse, but I know I can't marry her or anything, she is too old for me right?) I told the nurse after. Also the nurse and night charge nurse gave me the number of the patient advocate because they are frustrated. They gave him atavan! it did nothing. I haven't eaten anything, just drinking caffine free tea. I just can't get it down. One good thing should come out of this. I should lose lots of weight.
    Well, if nothing else I doubt anyone will ever say that maybe he shouldnt be on Concerta ever ever again. (behaviors he did that he hadn't done the whole time: spitting food at people, grabbing equipment, the cartwheels, interrupting everyone everywhere, not able to stay in even one group, aggression toward staff, extra loud etc..)

    arrggg they just called again, he is in the locked room again, but a good thing is the security guard heard me say when I signed out that the grownups who didn't give him his medications should be in the time out and he shook his head yes. So he is back there playing games with him one on one. They are not going to give him the ativan because it didn't touch him. I told them to give him an extra clonidine. They said they are trying benadryl first (haha he gets taht daily and it wont do a thing) I said call the doctor now. They also just told me he was up until 2a.m. last night. He couldn't sleep. the only times that happens are seizures, or extreme anxiety..a specific worry about something. last time was the possible suspension which did end up happening. Before that bin lauden dying...he was afraid we were gonna get attacked.

    I am so not happy with this....dont think this evening staff is very happy either with the morning staff or the doctor that never called.

    We are supposed to go to hb riding tomorrow at 11 a.m. so I hope that he can recover after that. I got a huge hug on the way out.
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    If you're not eating... can you at least get something to help your blood sugar? like, a little honey in your tea... You have to get SOME sort of calories into you. Maybe try some diluted apple juice, or apple juice mixed with ginger ale. Chicken noodle soup, or at least broth? Please, look after yourself (as much as you can... I know there isn't much left of ourselves to look after ourselves with, when we get done looking after difficult child.)

    Sounds like that security guard is one special fellow... so glad you - and difficult child - have him.