Roll With The Tide (Not an Alabama Football Post)! LOL!


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Just a quickie here..... A friend posted this on Facebook this morning and I wanted to share it here. :)

I am not always so good at doing this, myself.... You know, choosing my response to life events wisely (particularly where our troubled son is concerned). But, ya know....... It's all a work in progress! So, while I now haven't seen him for 6 months, I'm fairly settled about that today. I had a significant "hiccup" around it mid-March (on his 25th b-day), but am feeling re-centered around it again. Whew! We're "talking" on FB private messages........short, polite, non-detailed. Wish it was more, but recognize that during his EBB, that's probably about as "healthy" as it gets, so it's for the best. And recognizing that reality helps grow my FLOW.

Note to self: Remember, it's easier to "roll with the tide" when I recognize that EBBS are generally followed by FLOWS. How clear that is during a FLOW, but how blurry that is during an EBB!

So........ What am I doing with my current FLOW? Well, I'll tell ya what...... We're taking our dream trip to Italy next week and I am soooooooooooooo down with that, baaaabbbyyyyy! :D Our turn for some fun!


Wishing you all much peace and FLOW..........especially when the EBB hits hard (as we all know it can).

Seize the FLOW whenever possible!

Scent of Cedar *

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Yes. And not even power to change things. Just that we can see that we have the power of choosing our responses. We cannot always do that, emotionally. But if I know which way healthy is, then I can steer my course in that direction.

Sometimes, I am so grateful for the smallest things.

This has been very hard, to have lived this life of mine, and to have loved all of us, and to have kept thinking about all of it until I could recognize what has happened.



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Cedar -- Hey, when we recognize and choose gratitude (especially for the smallest things), that's what brings the flow back our way (even when the ebb is still in full force). You said that very well, Cedar!

by the way, I still smile when I think of you mentioning "conversating" (which you do so very well!). :) Very perceptive you are!

Tanya M

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Okay, so now I have the "Frozen Song" tune in my head. Instead of let it go, let it flow................:p

Knowing that I can't control everything that happens to me but can control how I respond has been a saving grace for me. I have learned to slow down and think before I respond, to truly evaluate what I am dealing with.

We're taking our dream trip to Italy next week and I am soooooooooooooo down with that, baaaabbbyyyyy! :D Our turn for some fun!
Oh I am so excited for you!!! husband and I went last Sept. What an amazing time we had. My only advice, take really good walking shoes.;)
Wishing you a safe, happy and memorable trip.

Venice was my favorite :love_heart:


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Congratulations!!!!! Take lots of pictures and tell us all about it. I can't wait! I'll live vicariously through you.


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Thanks, everyone! Just feeling some big ol' "hearts" for you all right now, so........sent 'em your way! Well wishes for our trip are much appreciated! Thanks, again!