Ross Greene's "Lost at School"

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    Hi All! I haven't posted here in a while. I continue to read when I can. My time seems to be spent homeschooling my difficult child and his twin brother and running after our now 4 year old. My difficult child has turned 13! Wow!

    This site introduced me to Ross Greene, PhD years ago. Since that time, I've read his books, gone to his conferences, received training in CPS and taken my son to the Center for Collaborative Problem Solving headed by Ross Greene and Stuart Ablon in Boston. We've followed the approach as much as possible. It has helped my family tremendously. It hasn't been the end all by any means, but it certainly has helped us. I have this site to thank for that! It is a great help to many people!

    We started homeschooling because my difficult child was losing so much self confidence in school. He did well academically, but couldn't meet expectations in other areas. We continue to work on things related to executive functioning and social challenges with the hope that he will go back into school at the high school level. We are currently taking it one day at a time. School can be such a challenge on top of all the other challenges we face. I was happy to see Dr. Greene's new book come out and address these issues.

    A friend and fellow parent has lined up Dr. Greene to be on her internet radio show and podcast to discuss Dr. Greene's new book "Lost at School: Why Our Kids with Behavioral Challenges Are Falling Through the Cracks and How We Can Help Them". I'm copying the information she sent to me. I think it will be really informative because as parents we can post questions to her site and she will ask them for us. There's a link to her site as well so that you can read about the event in her words. She has dealt with many of the same issues and understands these challenges. I hope this proves to be useful for us all!
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    Sounds great! Thanks for the info!
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    You're welcome! It's great to see Dr. Greene get involved on this level. I know I needed it at IEP meetings. :)
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    I just received my copy of Lost At School yesterday. I told my Principal about it. I just started it and depending the vibe I get from it, I will recommend both she and the AP read it.
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    Thanks for this. I will look for it, but as its relevance to Australia may be different, I don't know how easy it will be for me to get my hands on a copy.

    Can you give me some idea what he covers in this?

    I freely admit to being a Ross Greene groupie, tanks to this site. I've said on numerous occasions, I even use it on organisations, departments (such as education) and schools.

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    Glad you posted this! Several months ago a member (and I think it was Allen) posted about this upcoming book. I went to the Amazon link here on the site (which helps support our site) and preordered it. I had totally forgotten about it until it came in the mail on Tuesday! Parent/teacher conferences are tonight - think I can read it by then?????????!!!!!!!!!!

    Marg, check out the book on Amazon and see if they have the sneak peek feature on the book. You can see the chapter titles and a few of the pages.

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    Hi guys! I remember Marg that you liked his work. I admit to you that I too use it in most all relationships I have. It helps me a lot. You can post any questions you might have about the book, school or Easy Child in general and Lisa will make sure that Dr. Greene addresses those questions. I've attended his conferences with her for 2 years and she's just tickled to have him as part of her program. If you can't listen to the show then it will be in the archives too. One can listen at any time I think. If I still had difficult child in school, I'd give them the link to this too (although the school I dealt with wasn't willing to read the Easy Child so that would have probably been in vain...but still...).

    Good luck with- the meeting tonight!!!

    Marg, if I can get you any other information, please don't hesitate to post and I'll email Lisa for it. :)