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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Sep 11, 2011.

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    We are having a very rough morning. difficult child 1 has been escalating. This morning difficult child 1 tried to elbow difficult child 2 in the face because difficult child 2 was laughing and got to be a shadow. difficult child 2 wasn't laughing at difficult child 1, but I can't convince difficult child 1 of that. Very good thing I upped him to that level of supervision. I sent difficult child 1 downstairs to get ready for church. husband was down there helping easy child 1 have a shower (our bath tub doesn't work). Its a very small bathroom. husband is a big guy. He had the door open when he was in there and left it open so he could keep an eye on her while he was sitting in a chair right outside the door. difficult child 1 lingered long on the way to his room watching his sister playing in the shower.

    Unfortunately, in the past husband has been the only one who can get difficult child 1 to admit what he has done and its not a pretty scene. husband is downstairs trying to get difficult child 1 to tell him what difficult child 1 knows about sex. It very much bothers us that difficult child 1 would look at his 3 year old sister. I'd understand it better (still not like it but understand it better) if it was an older more formed girl.

    We do talk to him about sex. Just two nights ago I talked to him about it. I remember posting recently on this topic. I really hate this topic.

    Plus, my mother is coming today. She loves the kids and they love her but we really don't need her perspective. (The attitude in my family is that boys do nothing wrong and to ignore most things uncomfortable. Unless its a threat to a boy in the family. They'll even side with X over me, but she'll side with difficult child 1 over X. Weird.)

    We're not making it to church today. This site, church, and our neighbor are my sole sources of adult conversation.
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    I'm just reaching out to give you some support. Honestly I don't recall specifically what your family issues are from former posts (geez, there are so many posts that I can't keep up, lol) but I do know that your need "family" support and I am here for you. With no background info in my head and just going on the experience of fifty years of full time parenting I would think it best not to talk about sex but to be super vigilant to protect your younger children. in my humble opinion, sometimes too much talk with young children triggers focus on a subject that you hope will fade into the distance. Sorry this is not the most wonderful, thoughtful response to your problems but want you to know that you are not alone. Hugs. DDD
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    Liahona - I think you may have left out something in your post. You didn't really tell us what happened with difficult child 1....just that he lingered. Not sure what exactly happened or what husband said or did. I know you are overwhelmed but I don't know what to say or how to help without a little more info.