Rough start home from vacation


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So, after a halfway decent week with-my kids on vacation in CO., we fly home and husband decides it's okay for difficult child to eat a muffin from Starbucks at the airport. I stayed out of it. (My sister in CO. also fed him peanut butter toast for breakfast yesterday.)
husband decides that difficult child has been so good about taking his pill that husband can go to work and not have to give difficult child his pill in the a.m... he can do it by himself. Yeah, right!
We are now 20 min. late for baseball camp ($150)and difficult child is still in bed, snarling. I've taken away his comforter (that's what DF does to encourage him) and told him to get up 10X. I called husband and he refuses to come home from work to deal with-it but I told him he has to, since it was his decision to leave difficult child at home with-me. He told me to have our daughter. wake him up!
This, by the way, is using The Explosive Child techniques... difficult child likes either a Rice Crispie treat with-his pill, or a bowl of Frosted corn flakes a/almond milk.
We have discussed all the alternatives and difficult child chose his own methods, so there should be no room for argument. But he's in bed right now, snarling... clearly, he hasn't gotten enough sleep and, again, husband went to bed with-o making sure difficult child was asleep--in fact, he left him downstairs on the computer, and I got him off... husband seems to be under the mistaken notion that difficult child is old enough to police his own bedtime. Every single thing with-these kids requires structure and direction. husband just doesn't get it!!!!
I was doing very well but this is a huge setback... what especially bothers me is that as usual, I bear the brunt of it and it makes me resent husband and his poor choices, especially since I had no input.


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<span style='font-size: 17pt'><span style="color: #FF6666">Woo hoo!</span></span> husband is on his way home from work and he's p*ssed. I am doing a happy dance!!!!!!!


I know the feeling. When I refused the calls from school, and directed the calls to husband he had to leave work. Like I said before, I don't like to see difficult child get in so much trouble, but he would never think of treating husband the way he treats me. husband tells me that I have to handle it because I am home. Right. That works. husband doesn't get it either.
I have no suggestions for you, as I have the same issues. Just want you to know been there done that. Hope things change. We have had some good days recently, hope to pass them on to you.


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Well, husband read difficult child the riot act and there was a scene but I just watched. husband's approach escalated difficult child's temper, but at least it got him out of bed! (He lifted him up by his shirt.) husband said he had never seen difficult child like that (totally defiant, throwing his pill and Rice Crispie treat, screaming back to husband). Say WHAT? It's about time!
So, we got difficult child dressed and in the car, and by the time we got to the baseball field, only a 5-10 min. drive, difficult child was happy and
relaxed. He had only missed the first day parents' info talk (boring!) and basic exercises. He hadn't missed any baseball at all.
When I picked him up at 3 p.m., he was pleasant and happy and conversant. I took him to see a ceiling mural I'm working on nearby and he whined for a split second and then shut up. (I just want him to see that his parents, do, in fact, have a life and we don't sit around all day and plot against him!) I know he's going to ask me at some point if he can come over and climb on the scaffolding and that the artwork bores him, but heck, he's a boy.
He's making his own lunch for the next few days, feeding the dogs, and unpacking his suitcase with-o complaint. At least, for now... :wink:


I know that your situation had to be serious in order for you to have called husband, but I had to laugh at you doing the happy dance that he was coming home. Glad that worked out for the day.

Here are prayers and well wishes that things smooooooooooth out for the summer...