Rough weekend for difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by happymomof2, Jan 19, 2008.

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    The youth group my difficult child attends left to go on there annual ski trip Thursday afternoon. First he has missed. He has brought it up a few times so he is feeling the pain which is good. Today he gets to go do a S.W.E.A.T. day. It's raining at about 50 degrees outside so I don't think he will be doing much sweating today. husband just left to take him, they are meeting in the lobby of the jail. Guess I am just being my normal mom self but I am worried about him.

    I get to go to my last "parent meeting" today, it's cold and raining and I don't want to go, but go I must. This is all just one more item behind us with all this mess. I truly hope he gets the picture and decides not to get in trouble again.

    He still has to pay 182 bucks in restitution which he will work for.

    Next week I am going to call his probation officer and set up a day for him to have a "tour" of the adult jail. That will be for him to see if that is really the place he wants to end up. Anyone have kids that took that tour? How did it affect them?
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    We haven't been down this road, but I hope it makes an impression on your difficult child. Good luck.
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    Missing the ski trip is actually a great lesson for him. I think you are right is saying he needs to feel loss for what he's missing. If he didn't care I don't think he would learn.

    Hope the program makes an impact.

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    My daughter had to take a tour - she got into some trouble last year at school. The tour was OK but quite frankly I waish it scared her more than it did. They kind of treated the kids with kid gloves and my wish was that it would scare the :censored2: out her. Hopefully the tour they take your difficult child on will be more intense (we are in SC). We also had to do community service, but because she is under the age of 16 I had to do the service along with her to "supervise" her! We ended up having to do service for the humane society and foster parented a doberman and her 8 puppies for 5 weeks!!!! I don't think it taught her anything and I had to clean puppy poop off my tile floor for two days!!! Good luck, don't give up hope. And I hope they scare the :censored2: out of your difficult child (in a good way!)
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    Figures crossed the combination of missing such an event, having to 'sweat' and doing a tour will have a positive impact on his decision making ability!

    HUGS! I know it is hard to watch our kids go through these hard lessons.