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    It started out to be a good weekend, but turned for the worse last night. It is homecoming weekend and our difficult child decided that he wasn’t going to go and was going to hang out at a friend’s house instead. We called him every few hours to see where he was and at one point he said he wasn’t at this friend’s house anymore but decided to bike over to someone else’s house 2 blocks away (he had to use his friend’s mom’s bike as we took his away). I got the phone number where he was and decided to call back to talk to a parent. My husband then called him back and wanted to speak with a parent to see if it was okay for him to be there. Well a girl got on the phone pretending to be a parent and my husband asked where they lived so that he would know where to go when it was time to pick my son up. She told him that my son could be picked up at a restaurant nearby but he insisted that he get an address. She gave him one and after he hung up he immediately went over there. Turns out the girl gave us the wrong address (we did an address search based on the phone number that we had) and when my husband went to the door there was a group of kids there without parent supervision. My son was totally shocked to see him and immediately all the kids started to leave the house. My husband asked to talk to my son outside and a kid who is not much older than mine stood in the doorway and told my husband that he wasn’t coming inside. My husband told him that all he wanted to do was to talk to our son but if he was going to make it difficult, the police were going to get involved.

    Needless to say, on the way home my son was so furious that he said he couldn’t stay in our house and wanted to be taken down to shelter care. He also told my husband that if he would have gone back into that house, the guys were going to beat the sh.. out of him. Would our difficult child have joined them or let them do it? I’m afraid that the answer is yes. Once they were downtown, they had to wait for the police from the town that we live in since we do not live in the city and they told us that since we do not have a social worker, he would have to come home with us. He came back home and did end up staying the night (my husband is sure that our son was on something), but this morning decided to leave the house without permission. We called him in as a runaway again and all the police can do is look for him and bring him home. So were not sure when or if he will come home.

    What to you do at this point? We will call the social worker tomorrow, but even when we do start back up with her, I think he will still be making the same bad choices. We’ve talked about a Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), but where to you go to find out where the right one is for your child?
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    I don't have any advice. I have not been in your situation. I saw your post, and wanted to respond so you did not feel alone out there.

    Someone will be along soon. Sending you strength and prayers.
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    You probably will get the most results from the Teen and Substance Abuse Forum, rather than General. Many of the CD family have been on the road you are traveling. You'll get lots
    of support and caring advice soon. Sundays are the slow days
    around the Board. Meanwhile, I'm sending caring thoughts your
    way. DDD