Rufus may have EIC

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Rufus, as healthy as he seems to be, has a tendency to collapse after his walks, no matter the weather or how long or short the walks. He also has excessive heavy prolonged the point of foaming at the mouth. Has been known to vomit.

Travis and I both came home and started searching tonight. Rufus collapsed 20 ft from the back door. It's cool out. Neither Maggie or Ammo (also a black lab) were really tired. We took half our normal walk. Yet he still had the excessive heavy panting and foaming......and he collapsed. We got him inside, he collapsed again.

Exercise Induced Collapse is a common genetic disorder found in Labrador retrievers. Black, yellow and chocolate Labradors of both sexes are affected. Affected dogs are otherwise normal and are often
described as being extremely fit, muscular, prime athletic specimens of their breed with an excitable temperament and lots of drive. Rufus certainly fits the profile.

If it isn't too costly I'm going to have Rufus tested. If he has it, there will likely be no more walks for Mr Rufus because nothing excites him more than a walk. :( (or maybe short ones by himself instead) I'm also going to get him a full exam because it says nothing about excessive prolonged panting / foaming at the mouth. So I want to make sure we don't miss anything.

If he has EIC he can still enjoy himself......I just have to be careful to keep play times short and not let him get too excited or worn out.

I thought I'd post. I've never heard of this disorder, thought maybe it might help someone else.


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I understand your fear and sympathize. I worry about my dogs just like my kids. My Chi/Shihtzu mix is getting over a serious skin infection that could be allergies, but he was also very lethargic and not himself. I am going to run an expensive test to see what might be causing the skin infections, since this is his second. He is being tried on thyroid medications because his thyroid was a little off, but I know it could be more than that and I want to be very careful with my little one's health.

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