Rug Cleaning Co. Rip Off

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Nomad, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Nomad

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    I am livid...beyond livid.
    I have signed up with the same rug cleaning company that has a monopy on the rug cleaning business for the last twenty years.
    For the last six years, I have used their prepaid service...which is a little expensive, but kinda worth it for me because I have pets.
    You have to use the service a certain way and use it with-i one year. I haven't had a need to use it in 5-6 months.
    They sign you up for the bedrooms, etc.
    Recently, our little dog had an accident on a little area rug. I asked that they make a switch. Instead of my master bedroom...which is a little on the large side, if they would switch that out this one time for the soiled little area rug. The little rug is about 1/4 the size of the master bedroom rug. (That would be a generous estimate). They said " no way." They did not want to help me, would rather their employees spend extra time on my home and not send them home early than "break the contract."
    The fellas at my home do not agree. They said that the company ahs them "trained" that no matter what the circumstance, even if you have been a very loyal customer and have a very resonable request....and mine is more than is cheaper for them and the fellas could go home early, they can't help out a customer.
    Am I allowed to mention company names on this website?
    It starts with an "S" like in SS (evil people) Also "S" like in **** what vacuum cleaners do.
    by the way, when I asked the local manager if she could call the District Manager and ask for an exception, she acted like I was crazy. I pointed out that it would take MUCH less time and materials to do the tiny rug and she said "I don't care. It would break your contract."
    I am this economy, that a company would provide such HIDEOUS customer service and disregard for thier loyal customers and even their employees.
    Is this the result of a MONOPOLY? Are they hurting? by the way, they TRIED to come at 3:00 when I requested 5:15. Then they showed up at 5:00. What is your thought on this?

    see update at end
  2. 4sumrzn

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    Well, if the local manager won't "listen" & call the district manager...I would do it myself. There is ALWAYS someone that will want to make sure you are happy with the company. Without you (not to mention for 6 years!!!!)....they can't function.

    I think it's important for companies to know when they are not satisfying. I don't think it's OK to be mean about it....the sweeter, the better & it actually makes them feel worse (in my humble opinion). But, they need to know you are unhappy ;)
  3. Hound dog

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    Home shampooers do a wonderful job. Just as clean and nice as the professions and MUCH MUCH cheaper and less fuss in the long run.

    I know of whom you're speaking. My Mom hired them a couple of months ago to do her house. She was furious and called me when they finished saying her carpets looked the same as when they'd arrived!

    My sis is visiting her at the moment. Mom went out and bought a good shampooer. Sis shampooed her carpets. Mom said they are finally clean.

    Oh, and for the record, there are other companies out there. Just gotta look for them.

  4. fuddleduddledee

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    I've learned a few carpet cleaning tips over the years.

    Did you know that shaving cream makes a good spot cleaner. It does, just spray it on and rub the spot with a brush it will take out the spot and it doesn't smell half bad either.

    Urine removal - I've paid tons of money to remove the smell of cat urine from carpets (by the way I have a couple of rentals and some tenants can be so thoughtless), I have bought special enzyme cleaners, etc. None of them worked the smell would still remain. I finally complained to the girl at the pet store that I'd bought the enzyme cleaner and it was expensive and didn't work to remove the smell. The girl told me the cheapest way to remove the smell is to sprinkle with baking soda and then spray with vinegar you do have to use a fair amount of baking soda and a fair amount of vinegar but it works. It's a chemical reaction just like we learned in science. it lifts the stain up to the surface and the smell goes away.

    I have used the rental carpet cleaners and they do a very nice job but I don't buy their cleaning products I use Oxy Clean and it does a fantastic cleaning job on carpets. Last Summer I got a commercial grade carpet cleaner from a yard sale for the grand sum of $20.00.

    I have heard that you can find pet urine stains on carpet by using a black light haven't tried this though.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911


    I would be livid. If you are a prepaid customer? OMG I would have jumped through hoops for you. But that's me and largely I'm seriously considering starting a business that teaches PROPER customer service manners.

    You may/may not run into a problem because I'm assuming this is Stanley Steemer, and most of them are franchises. However, I looked up the corporate sales office in Dublin, OH. They have an 800 number.

    Tomorrow morning I would call them, and ask for someone who is in charge. IF no one wants to be in charge - ask for the person that sells franchises and is the BIG KAHUNA over all franchises. As in; if you all go to Vegas for a seminar? Who would get the top floor suite and the most attention?

    I say this to you because I co-owned a Merry Maids (never again) nearly 20 years ago. We were a sub-corp of Service Master. WE also cleaned carpets. I went to school and everything - (rolls finger in air - whoopie) it was more exciting than the vacuum cleaner repair school (yawn). And our customers requests were always #1 priority if we wanted to pay our bills.

    Here's the number - GO GET 'M WARRIOR NOMAD

    Year began: 1947 Franchising since: 1972
    S*** St*** International Inc. was founded by Jack A. Bates in 1947. In 1972, the company began offering St**** St*** Carpet Cleaner franchises, and in 1998, it introduced St*** St**** Duct Cleaning Service add-on licenses. The company has more than 240 locations throughout the United States and is based in Dublin, Ohio.
  6. Nomad

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    MANY thanks Star.
    However, I have called a certain person initials easy child in customer service twice and left a message. This person has NOT returned my call. I do have his email and will email him in the morning.
    Who else might I ask for? This person is likely ignoring me. How can I find out who owns my local franchise?

    by the way, I also asked to speak to the District Manager. I was told "he was in a meeting." I asked when he would be out of the meeting? They said that he would be in the meeting all day. I asked if he is always in a meeting and they refused to answer the question.

    I have been using their services for 20 years. 20 years. On top of that, my husband has a business and he uses their services. AND when difficult child switched apartments recently, we used their services. AND when my son just got his apartment and it smelled like cigarettes, we used them.

    I need to find another company and pronto. Unless I am a desperate woman...I will NEVER EVER use their services again. And under no no no circumstances sign a prepaid contract with them or probably anyone again. Lesson learned.

    I'm still going to try with corporate...ideas welcome. Thank you also for the ideas re: getting rid of pet urine smells!!!!

    Don't use this company ladies. They ** and I mean more than rugs.
  7. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I use a local guy who has one helper and his wife books all the appointments. Got him on referral from a neighbor, and he is GREAT. He's always on time, he does a great job, does it quickly, and his price is fair.

    I used to do my own carpets with one of those Bissell machines (still have it), but there's just too much difficult child-ness around here the last few years and I can't handle it anymore.

    Ask your neighbors, maybe they've got some good referrals to try.
  8. muttmeister

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    I have two dogs and need my carpets cleaned often. I have used a professional service but wasn't impressed. For awhile I rented the Rug Doctor but that got expensive. Several years ago I bought my own and have been doing it ever since. I wore out one machine and had to buy another one but I would never go back to any other method. They work well, are inexpensive, you can clean your carpet as often as you want, and it is not much more difficult than vacuuming.
  9. witzend

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    Yes, I agree that renting or owning a cleaner and doing it yourself is much more reliable. I would never sign a contract with this type of service, but that's just me. I change my needs too often. Hardwoods this year, tile next, carpeting before, now persian rugs. I would hire someone for cleaning grout, but not without a referral.
  10. flutterbee

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    I use a rental cleaner, too, but I don't use their shampoo. Like another poster, I use oxyclean.
  11. meowbunny

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    I do a lot of different jobs to keep my head above (to say that Florida salaries are a joke is putting it mildly). One of them is to shampoo carpets. I have my shampooer and use OxyClean. For deep stains, I used my Little Green Machine which has vinegar in it and sprinkle with baking soda, then shampoo. This works well for me.
  12. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Great ideas!

    Nonetheless, I would be as livid as you are. More and more, I wonder if there is such a thing as customer service anymore. That is simply ridiculous.
  13. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I would be pretty PO'd as well... I have been using Borax! I sprinkle it on the "accident" let it dry and then vacuum it up. This was great for the puppies, it also works awesome on difficult child's beds!!! I then, after that, sprinkle the baking soda and vinegar as a safety smell measure! This has worked wonders and I am very picky. I have the nose that can smell anything... when the girls wet the beds I will smell the mattress afterwards! LOL So far no smells...

    I also have a little hand shampooer.
  14. Nomad

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    Thank you again. I will go to the food store today and pick up those items to try.
    Does anyone know of really active websites where women go to that allow threads like these? That have a "watercooler" type area? I would like to post about this at a few? Please either type here or pm me. I am looking for places that are super active...perhaps political in nature (pm me) or perhaps concerning women's issues or female needs. I figure women are the primary consumers and we need to use our power effectively. Thanks.
  15. Lothlorien

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    Nomad, I am one to fire off letters when a company ticks me off. They sound like real difficult children and I highly doubt that even if you do write a letter to the president of the company, it will make a difference. It won't matter to them until it really hits their pocket.

    You could always write a letter to the local news, but it's probably not quirky enough for them to put it on the news.

    Find someone else and then write the company that after being a regular customer of theirs for 20 years, you will no longer use them or recommend them to anyone else, because of something that is so ridiculous and then on top of that the customer service reps have done nothing to encourage you to use their business again. In my experience, they'll probably ignore your letter, but you'll have the satisfaction of letting them know why their business will eventually bite the dust if they keep this type of service up.
  16. trinityroyal

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    Nomad, I would write a clear, concise letter that documents all of the steps you have taken to try and get your issue resolved, and the fact that you have been a loyal customer for 20 years. Go as high up the chain as you can. If you can identify the corporation that owns the franchise business, such as Star suggested, then direct the letter to them.

    It's way more effective to complain to the top company executives and have THEM talk to their staff about poor service, than it is to try and deal with the local staff yourself.

    husband and I recently did this at our local department store. Great store but the manager and assistant manager than helpful. husband spoke to the Regional Vice President of the company, who was appalled. Needless to say, the manager-of-the-month photo features a different face this month...

    Doing your carpets yourself or finding another company are also options, but I wouldn't let this go without a fight.

    Companies are starting to realize that keeping good customers is way less work than trying to find new ones. The only ones who don't do this are companies that provide bad service. Then it's easier to get new customers because the existing ones won't stick around. Then it's only a matter of time before the business folds.

    Hope you get this resolved.

  17. wakeupcall

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    I, also, am one who has quit whining and letting it go. I now blast everyone I can think of when a product is not *good* (you know, that S word) or customer service also is not "good* (you know, that S word again). It's just terrible to have to do that, but hey.....

    My most recent tirade was with Hewlett-Packard and a $2k + laptop that lasted less than a year! It took a LOT, but I got a new computer. Grrrr. I feel your pain.
  18. Nomad

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    Good a call from customer service!!! Allegedly, he said he would call me back in a "bit." What is a bit? Anyone?

    Here are other avenues for those FED UP

    I posted them here for myself as well...I'm "waiting" for my "return" call first. I'll wait only "so" long. What is the definition of "so?" Come to think of it...what is the defintion of "did?" Okay...I'm being bad...sorry!

    Will post "update" on another thread!!!!