Rug cleaning "good" update...lady power!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Nomad, Jun 13, 2008.

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    Thank you ladies! Warrior moms...we did it!

    Anyway, if you read my other post, I have been in a two day argument with Stanley Steemer. I have been a customer for 20 years and have been using their prepaid services for 6 of them. I have multiple accounts. I asked them to clean a little (actually tiny) carpet instead of a bedroom, and they refused to do it. I explained that it would be less money and time for them and would be of great benefit to me (a loyal customer) and they almost laughed in my face. They provided no district manager to call, etc. I told them I would never use their service again and still no help or even a number to ask for help.

    Today, I got a call back from the main office...customer service. I told him that I started writing on the internet and I thanked him for lighting a fire under my bottom, cause I'm thinking of starting a blog page. I also have a call into Action Line.

    I explained the story and right away, he called the local office. He called back 30 minutes later. I got the money back on my contract and a gift certificate (have mixed feelings on this) for the cost of a brand new little rug but it is made out to Stanley Steemer. I think I am going to call back to ask if it is transferrable to another party...I might want to give it to someone as a "gift."

    They also promised (who knows????) to re-evaluate their procedures when customers call with special requests. He claims that normally managers call the main number and ask, but that they other day when I called, everyone was in a meeting. He said that the manager should have asked if I would have mind waiting a day or two for a reply and have used better decorum (in my mind she shouldn't have cut me off and have been rude as _________).

    All in was a good response and other than being very concerned about the quality of customer service in our country and a "bit" annoyed, I think this is a fair outcome.

    Thanks everyone for encouraging me to "not take it" and for the cleaning tips!!! Us women need to stick together...I really believe this...right???
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Way to go! Just because they're in the business of cleaning rugs doesn't mean they can treat their customers like a rug they can walk all over...
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    I'm so glad you finally got to speak to someone that "cared". Like I said before....they need to stand behind their company. So, I'm glad they tried to "make it up to you". At the same time, totally understand you not wanted to go back to them. Take the refund on the contract & "if" the certificate can't be are still ahead! Good for you....I think it's great!

    FYI.....I started letting "every day product" companies know when I'm not happy about their product at 17 when I moved out on my own. I would be pi$$ed my money was being spent & I was not satisfied. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does....the email, letter or phone call has always been positive. Hey...the last one was a huge air bubble in the bottom of a butter container (took up 1/2)....they sent me a letter of apology & coupons for 3 more ($15).

    And.....I bet the local office got in trouble too. Wonder if those special requests will be honored starting today!?
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    gcv....Good slogan! LOL!
    4sum...I agree! I often speak up when I'm not satisfied, but many times it is a judgment call. Sadly it seems that service is so substandard that I would be hurting myself if I let everything bother me. So, I am picking and chosing my battles. This really got to me because my request was so reasonable, because I have been with the same company for a very long time and because the manager was rude to me. It was a doube-triple whammy. The corporate guy agreed (although I suppose this is his job to agree by the time it gets to him).

    husband is amazed that if you add up the money and services that they agreed to give me, they are really losing out big time on this deal.

    husband also mentioned something that has stuck with me....he said it greatly concerned him how upset the workers were when they came to our home. They almost seemed fearful and depressed even though we were careful not to overdo it or accuse them of being the ones causing the problems. They recall coming to clean our rugs in the past and felt we had a reasonable request and even more so for a long term customer. But they kept on saying (almost with tears in their eyes) "We will get fired if we clean a different rug." When we asked if they could call someone and ask if an exception could be made, they looked as if they would faint. It was just a too extreme if you ask me.

    Perhaps some folks think that in a bad economy it is better to tighten up with- the rules. I think this is illogical. I might use that coupon if I have an emergency or perhaps right before the major holidays in Dec. However, the first thing I'm going to do is looking for ANOTHER rug cleaning company after 20 years...although I appreciate and respect that they tried to correct the situation, there is no way in ____ that they are still my first choice or would I EVER recommend them.