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    We had an appointment with psycdoc and he changed up some of difficult child's medications. He has always been on Ritilan but we are going to try Focalin. And where we had been on the LA version of Ritilan were trying the regular Focalin 3 times a day. From what I understood both are similar and something about Focalin being the right which I think has to do with make up of medication. Well I hope to see an improvement of effectiveness because what were doing how isn't working. He also gave me a starter pack of Intuniv. Does anyone have any experience with this medication?
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    Yes, my youngest difficult child is using Intuniv and my oldest difficult child is using Guanfacine (the generic version) once a day.

    For us, we started both with the generic (Guanfacine) and slowly worked up to the correct dose for each child. Then we switched to Intuniv for the youngest, but stuck with the generic for the oldest.

    Since it is also used as a blood pressure medication, we check their blood pressures often. Also, the "biggest" side effect is sleepiness. Which can be a blessing, so I give it to my difficult child in the late afternoon. It also seems to help with rebound.
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    Good luck. No experience with Intuniv or Focalin. We did use Tenex and generic Guafacine with good results. The only problem we had was that a new MD told GFGmom to stop the medication (she was not accustomed to using it) and replace it with one she knew. She did not tell GFGmom that it can not be stopped cold turkey. GFGmom did not tell me that the Tenex had been stopped cold turkey. Sigh. difficult child#2 ended up in the hospital for two days because it has to be titrated down or the BiPolar (BP) flies up to a danger zone. Obviously he ended up ok but it still angers me that a professional didn't give correct instructions. Just keep that in mind and I hope you have great results. DDD
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    No experience with this particular drug, but wanted to say best of luck. I hated when we changed medications. Tweaking wasn't too bad, but you just never know what to expect.

    Do you find it difficult to give medications three times a day? I always had a hard time making certain my difficult child got her medications on time every time and I hated having the school involved with giving her medications. Let us know how it goes!