S.A.T. meeting....NOT! Betrayed! Is this allowed?!

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by ShakespeareMamaX, Nov 1, 2007.

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    To all of you that read my "On top of it all, I hit a deer, tonight..." post. I really did hit a deer that night. It was awful and the cops just stood there while it "bled out" rather than trying to bring it to a vet. I'd hate to see their reaction if it had been a person lying there. My children and I are OK. My car's another story, though. I need a new fender, headlight, blinker and grill. Who cares, though? It's just a car and it still drives. But the poor, poor deer.

    But that's besides the point.


    I can't take this mudda :censored2: school, ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!

    So...my difficult child's teacher calls me today. Yeah...my son hit a kid AND a teacher, today. SURPRISE!!!!

    That's fine (not), but I'll deal with him, later.

    The teacher tells me "so we had the S.A.T. meeting today".

    WHAT?!?!?!?! I was under the impression that's what the meeting was on Tuesday!

    Why was I not aware of this meeting?! Why was I not able to attend?!

    She says "oh, you didn't need to be there".

    *taking a moment to breathe*

    Ok...Ok...So...PLEASE...somebody tell me...

    Can my child's school have behavioral meetings about my son and create behavior plans without my knowing or right to attend?

    Also...get this...I dropped my difficult child's medications off on Tuesday and the nurse, has yet, to actually administer them to my child (supposed to be at 3pm, everyday).

    I just heard about CPAC (for the advocate). I wish they were open NOW so I could call them. I'm most definitely getting an advocate. I hope I get an angry man that will destroy the gym teacher principal!
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    If a SAT meeting is an IEP meeting, federal and state law requires the parent to be invited.

    If it's not an IEP meeting, you'll have to look to your state regs and sd policy to find out if parents are suppose to be invited. Many school district's and State Education Agencies have their policies on line these days.

    We might be able to help you more if you can let us know if your child has an IEP, and if not, have you sent a letter via Certified Mail requesting an evaluation under IDEA regs.

    Regarding medication, some schools require a written rx to be on file. Is there a particular reason given to you that the nurse didn't administer the medication?
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    I was asked a similar question in class today: "do parents need to be invited to RtI meetings for non-Special Education students?"

    I do not know the answer but BEST PRACTICE would be to invite the parent. Schools gripe about lack of parent participation, and then do not invite parents??? Doesn't surprise me that you were not invited, however...

    I'm sorry about the deer and your car...I hope you can get an advocate quickly.

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    I had a similar situation happen to me. Peanut came home with a letter inviting me to attend his SAT meeting. It was 3:08pm and the meeting was at 2:30pm that same day!! :grrr: I was furious. I called the school and said I should be there as I have worked so hard to get the school to recognize there is a problem. They fully understood and rescheduled a meeting for two days latter...and I was there!! :smile: Try to get another meeting ASAP.
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    Well....I found out that there are no laws against the school not advising me of the SAT meeting. *sigh* Hooray...

    Well...the advocate team told me to request, in writing, an emergency PPT. Hopefully, that will work. For more details on updates, check in the General forum.

    :smile: Thank you, guys!